Celebrities rickroll everyone 

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Grandayy 8 hónapja
Seems like only around 1% of you realized this is just a rickroll so I guess I have to put it in the title lol For those that still don't get it I autotuned their vocals so that they're singing along the melody of Never Gonna Give You Up For example the notes in "Imagine there's no heaven" are identical to the notes in "We're no strangers to love"
blonk 4 hónapja
The paper Bag
The paper Bag 5 hónapja
I figured out half way though pretty cool
The physical manifestation of Tumblr
Hydro Sheep re watch the original (link in the description) and you will notice the difference and why it’s a rick roll.
The physical manifestation of Tumblr
Hydro Sheep watch the original video and re watch and u will notice the tick roll
Feebian 6 hónapja
You shouldn’t have
Leviathan Hoard
Leviathan Hoard 23 órája
This... this.... is... a thing. Yes, this is a thing and it’s weird as heck... but it’s a thing.
Mcheetah 11 napja
I legit wouldn't have heard this as a RickRoll if it wasn't in the title. The video is still cringey, but thanks for making it about 10% less cringey.
Markel Reutov
Markel Reutov Hónapja
Daniel Hónapja
Looks like aliens are already among us
Project Pro
Project Pro Hónapja
lolnope 64
lolnope 64 2 hónapja
the autotune made it so much worse. the note change isn't as smooth as the actual rickroll. learn from flyingkitty, he does it well
Noreen Pirzada
Noreen Pirzada 2 hónapja
Kill me
Anthony Walls
Anthony Walls 3 hónapja
I’m still confused
Diamond World
Diamond World 3 hónapja
0:20 heeeey I know that guy
It's Raj Bro
It's Raj Bro 3 hónapja
You need a music degree for this Rick Roll
Sorian Rapson
Sorian Rapson 3 hónapja
I dont know any of these people
Delta 05
Delta 05 3 hónapja
I realize at the beginning is a rickroll
ItchyNostril 3 hónapja
How is this a rick roll I dont understand
Prince Abi
Prince Abi 4 hónapja
Only good celebrity is a dead one
impostorwastaken 4 hónapja
𝙊𝙗𝙫𝙞𝙤𝙪𝙨 𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙤 𝙩𝙪𝙣𝙚
dark link
dark link 4 hónapja
*dances in Rick astley*
Rounak Chakraborty
Rounak Chakraborty 4 hónapja
Hey that's genius
A Lil Cat
A Lil Cat 4 hónapja
A Lil Cat
A Lil Cat 4 hónapja
but link sayd free robux
Lidl Pie
Lidl Pie 4 hónapja
I realised thus within 3 seconds and I'm proud of myself
Nicko Efrizal
Nicko Efrizal 4 hónapja
47 minutes and 47k views :v
A_ PRSN 4 hónapja
Tomodachi life be like:
theh0pester 5 hónapja
I got rickrolled by the misleading "original video" link in the description nooo
Baldie 5 hónapja
For anyone that doesn't understand this. hurun.info/to/vide/haJ3pWtjpXqOtr8.html
Faris Sweiss
Faris Sweiss 5 hónapja
How is this a rick roll
Alan C
Alan C 5 hónapja
Why does it seem so atuotuned
MegaDario35 5 hónapja
I thought the change was that the autotune sounds like the Moonbase Alpha speech
Hammad Shahid
Hammad Shahid 5 hónapja
Anyone else hearing glados or the cores from portal
Jim Bean
Jim Bean 5 hónapja
Imagine being that self consumed
ArafloYT 5 hónapja
Frick, the discription rickrolled me
ROBLOXGamerz1990s 5 hónapja
i here the rhythm of never gonna give you up
Yoink 4K
Yoink 4K 5 hónapja
They sound like tomodatchi life characters
Savage Sea Monkey
Savage Sea Monkey 5 hónapja
Yeah this is very confusion
I love John lennon’s songs
Crispy ChickenNuggies
GreySucc 5 hónapja
Grandayy has the largest brain
Deniz Lion
Deniz Lion 5 hónapja
hurun.info/to/vide/YZ90q5CgmnS5nbs.html For the people who dont want to get Rick rolled by grandayy. Here is original video
Scardicey 5 hónapja
I fame e here to get Rick rolled
Pathetic Tim
Pathetic Tim 5 hónapja
Who else heard the turrets from portal
Noah’s Art
Noah’s Art 5 hónapja
He rickrolled us not only in the video but also the description
The physical manifestation of Tumblr
Noah’s Art no he didn’t rick roll us in the video the point was to make you click the “original video link” Wichita was the rick roll
John Juliot
John Juliot 5 hónapja
They sound like the miis singing in tomodachi life ( i think it’s called that )
your ordinary wifi router
Guys the original video is exactly this video
Charles Dana
Charles Dana 6 hónapja
Only coviiiiiiiiiiid, stay hooooooooome 👎🧟‍♂️🧠
Cylent 6 hónapja
I feel like the title is better if its: _Robots rickroll everyone_
Mourka TDA
Mourka TDA 6 hónapja
You got me this time
BruhNah G1
BruhNah G1 6 hónapja
I fell for the link as well I’m dumb fuck
Rando Soome
Rando Soome 6 hónapja
The last last and the second from last were so cringe i cant even
Larry Tipton
Larry Tipton 6 hónapja
If i wanted my dog to commit seppuku, i would play this all day. But i'm not a monster. Now interrogating terrorists however.......
County Facts
County Facts 6 hónapja
I don't like it.
Zach Is NOT Here
Zach Is NOT Here 6 hónapja
It’s better than the real version.
ShringoAnimates 6 hónapja
I just care about the song, I LOVE JOHN LENNON!
ShringoAnimates 6 hónapja
I just care about the song, I LOVE JOHN LENNON!
Pyscho 173
Pyscho 173 7 hónapja
Press the original video link in the description for good luck
Small Rat
Small Rat 7 hónapja
I realized
G4M3_0V3R_1 7 hónapja
You can hear the obvious auto tune
temubrine 7 hónapja
Rishabh Parmar
Rishabh Parmar 7 hónapja
Big brain
Cpl D'Alton
Cpl D'Alton 7 hónapja
Holy shit this man is a genious
Bots at the Source
Bots at the Source 7 hónapja
Shit you got me
Zayd Youssef
Zayd Youssef 7 hónapja
how was this a rick roll those arent the lyrics
DF 7 hónapja
Zayd Youssef it’s pitched to the same notes.
TheRedPandaCat 7 hónapja
Fuck, I'm practically tone deaf
DJ Bacon
DJ Bacon 7 hónapja
Heres a little lesson in trickery
Trying2Think 7 hónapja
They are doing so much for us by singing to us in their 14 million dollar mansions
POOBLO 7 hónapja
0:53 my mum trying to sing lol
Andrew Schneider
Andrew Schneider 7 hónapja
Kristen Wiig sounds like GLaDoS from Portal
Right on Point
Right on Point 7 hónapja
Who are this people
Cowboy Bean
Cowboy Bean 7 hónapja
ok it just sounds like they had throat cancer now they have to use those things that they push up against their throats to talk and also god damn it I got rick rolled
CzoseG YT
CzoseG YT 7 hónapja
Sor 7 hónapja
its autotuned to rick roll that's the joke
Jaydogdj Jaydogdj
Jaydogdj Jaydogdj 7 hónapja
Quel Tipo Sul Tubo
Quel Tipo Sul Tubo 7 hónapja
Jimmy Fallon's glasses look photoshopped
mayamilo01 7 hónapja
vbghfnn 7 hónapja
0:08 is this Glados?
yotsuba bruh
yotsuba bruh 7 hónapja
funny pickle man: takes over the internet some celebrities: lets sing a song! yes that will fix every ting!
Bulls EyeYT
Bulls EyeYT 7 hónapja
MythFury 7 hónapja
plot twist: this video was created so that you could click in the original video in the description
khyllol 7 hónapja
Nobody: The Tomodachi Miis in the music theater:
VegetableNinja 7 hónapja
I dont get it wheres the rickroll
Sor 7 hónapja
the notes are the same from the rick roll
Sage M , A dude with a bucket!
I've been bamboozled , tricked and played and I never even realized it. You damn memelord with your 200 IQ plays
Elysia phelps
Elysia phelps 7 hónapja
No rick roll
Braeden Munn
Braeden Munn 7 hónapja
I thought all the celebrities were good singers, but it’s just AutoTune. Pheww
Sor 7 hónapja
ChaoticKappa and AlohaSnackbar27
I swear to god i thought the first clip was her saying “imagine this, theres this scientist and he turns himself into a pickle”
Flyyod 7 hónapja
This sounds like the game portal
Mr Ullmin
Mr Ullmin 7 hónapja
0:24 look for the gummy bear album in stores on November 13th
Miles 7 hónapja
They sound like mii’s from tomogatchi life
aftab shk
aftab shk 7 hónapja
Do you want to know how grandayy rickrolled us? (Hint: click the first link in the description)
max 7 hónapja
but this is imagine by john lenon
Mike Coxor
Mike Coxor 7 hónapja
Me while watching: Wtf why are they all autotuned? Me after reading the comments: OH GODDAMMIT
Dong Yee
Dong Yee 7 hónapja
I can't believe I just got rickrolled twice. First by the vid, then by the "original vid" lmao
Bruh Fish
Bruh Fish 7 hónapja
Bruh at the end I realized,”Damn it he rick rolled us.Its like that halo meme,”We’ve been tricked,backstabbed and quite possibly been,bamboozled.”
Rek Tech
Rek Tech 7 hónapja
U rick rolled me but that was a good one
Charlie H
Charlie H 8 hónapja
a rich person telling me theres no heaven wow
Bonnie Kemp
Bonnie Kemp 8 hónapja
0:28 kinda sounds like mad world
Lazar_ Potato
Lazar_ Potato 8 hónapja
0:35 Siri face revealed
Chase C.
Chase C. 8 hónapja
he got me with the original video in the description.
Sekamek 8 hónapja
Click the link in the description, it’s the original video.
GASPER FF 8 hónapja
Wait is that R O B O T XD
gothmedli 8 hónapja
I punch all these celebrities
— Z3RO —
— Z3RO — 8 hónapja
i’d realize the tune anywhere. no.
Emily Wood
Emily Wood 8 hónapja
They sound like smokers with that sound effect
Gyron Era
Gyron Era 8 hónapja
This is so sad, I dont get it
Kahu Allan
Kahu Allan 8 hónapja
It goes like this:
The New Rick Roll!
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