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👉 Donate here: www.maltatogether.com/donatenow
This festival was organized to help raise funds for people in need during this pandemic. It also serves as our thank you to the front-liners who have jeopardised their life to safeguard ours. You are the true heroes.👊
There will be no memes here sorry, but I'm happy to have joined a team of Maltese artists and creators who have been working on the festival for the past week. It will feature 51 different performers (singers & musicians), our Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, local & international guests & various features. We really hope that you enjoy this show as much as we did creating & producing it. 🎉
🇲🇹 For all those who prefer a Maltese version of this programme please tune in on Television Malta & www.tvmi.com.mt
Stay safe | Be Active | Stay Healthy
Malta Together



2020.máj. 3.






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Grandayy 7 hónapja
No memes this time, this was a Maltese charity stream to help raise funds for those in need during these COVID-19 times, and to celebrate the efforts of all the front-liners. As part of the Maltese community I'm glad to have been a part of it. Sorry for any confusion! Feel free to donate here: www.maltatogether.com/donatenow
Zac Schranz
Zac Schranz 4 hónapja
We da Malta bois
Gremxulu 6 hónapja
Were the maltese gang at grandayy you epic
Robert Gable
Robert Gable 7 hónapja
Uhh there is no meme. Donate to Malta.
pink 7 hónapja
you're so amazing
Rodrigo Peloni
Rodrigo Peloni 4 hónapja
The girl with the pink hair is absolutely gorgeous 😍
M M 5 hónapja
I allways new grandayy was a Maltese
ASTRNNX 5 hónapja
Oop- i readed MAFIA together XD
Matteo 5 hónapja
Why wasn't anomaly in this
Krypt0 5 hónapja
Meta hadt ma jifhem il-malti u jahsbu li Grandayy qieghed jittrollja.
Bloxy Dude
Bloxy Dude 6 hónapja
Looks like italian but it isnt
Avro Landcaster 6004
Been to Malta, sick place
Vladimir Kozlovsky
Vladimir Kozlovsky 6 hónapja
Will this help anomaly?
Denivet Gambalie
Denivet Gambalie 6 hónapja
The Malsete people are truly beautiful. I'm American and we didn't even have any of this here. We so divided. Yet you guys are so united. Makes me have tears. You have an amazing country. Even a week later I still watched it and donated. Blessings to the Maltese people ♥️
why are you here !
why are you here ! 6 hónapja
This way better than memes *im maltese by the way* i donate to help my maltese dude
Tree Beaver
Tree Beaver 6 hónapja
0:34 You’ll thank me later
Elias _
Elias _ 5 hónapja
labib zaîbi
labib zaîbi 6 hónapja
I love your channel from Tunisia and please speak more Maltese language I love the language ♥️😘
Sargento Bonzo
Sargento Bonzo 6 hónapja
love the Maltese language, it's like a mix of Arabic and Italian with some english words.
JayJay Attard
JayJay Attard 6 hónapja
1:07:52 My favourite singer
Ryuzaki Azzouz
Ryuzaki Azzouz 6 hónapja
Salute from your neighbor Tunisia, stay safe our meme lord
Linvydas Bilinskas
Linvydas Bilinskas 6 hónapja
You should meet anomaly in malta
Toxic Music
Toxic Music 6 hónapja
Grandayy are you in this video?
Leafy Cut
Leafy Cut 6 hónapja
Look how the tables got turned 180º At first they were memes laughing about thr Chinese sitiuation, but now people are singing?? Weird XD You thought it won't get to America? Well get f u cked
Hero Number Two
Hero Number Two 6 hónapja
I hope you guys voted grandayy as malta's best youtuber I think he's neck and neck against shibainu channel
Yeeooshi !
Yeeooshi ! 6 hónapja
Grandayy is jacked
Jesus 6 hónapja
Just saying you may want to set your content to 'not for kids' coz right now we can't turn on notifications
Mr. Windex
Mr. Windex 7 hónapja
Where’s my meme granday, WHERES MY MEME?
gema ramadhan
gema ramadhan 6 hónapja
Felix Ashworth this is a charity stream its not always be a meme right?
E.E.T. CHANNEL 7 hónapja
Wanna be friends
Trewesdan 7 hónapja
Should have been called maltogether
mich8185 mich8185
mich8185 mich8185 7 hónapja
Not disappointed. It’s just... Amazing.
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 7 hónapja
Grandayy’s from Malta??
Paul 7 hónapja
Love from LA
Pastizzman66 gbin
Pastizzman66 gbin 7 hónapja
1:18:29 the queen herself blesses us with her presence ❤❤❤
Luis Belen
Luis Belen 7 hónapja
Thanks for the heart, legend
Jaydon 7 hónapja
Maltese Gang!!!
Golden Fish
Golden Fish 7 hónapja
Justin 98
Justin 98 7 hónapja
It's not important to understand the language it's important to listen to the good music they made
Meme man do charity Yay
Francesco Mattia Russo
As Italian I can say thanks, tanks and also thanks (for who doesn't know it Malta is an island literally attached to Italy with the same culture and language)
ugly anonimous's animation
Morty 7 hónapja
Blu Brin
Blu Brin 7 hónapja
While anomaly is eating beans in malta
Jason Timmanov
Jason Timmanov 7 hónapja
looking at all of ads put in this charity livestream makes me suffer
Orchids *
Orchids * 7 hónapja
real happy hours :)
Tux_Fox_YT 7 hónapja
Viva Malta!!
Sprite Cranberry
Sprite Cranberry 7 hónapja
Malta doesn’t exist
Wonderhorse9006 7 hónapja
Flemes 7 hónapja
I will call the fbi on you
Undenied Storm
Undenied Storm 7 hónapja
There is uhh.. no meme.. uhh thank you front liners.
Ethan Roberson
Ethan Roberson 7 hónapja
The intro made me think that grandayy was revealing himself to be a girl
acidicsalt 5 hónapja
The woman's name is Ira Losco
GusLevoGus 5 hónapja
What's a girl?
onii 6 hónapja
Bruda he to
Its me
Its me 7 hónapja
Same here
how to drive a Tardis?
4:53 is when the video begins
G U R Kすごい!プロトさんが
We need to think the doctors that tried their hardest and risked their lifes of covid 19
ᔕOᑌᒪᘔ J͛R͛
Grandayy, this is pretty serious...are you ok?
Mike Moore
Mike Moore 7 hónapja
How did Antrum inspire a meme.
laffy cade
laffy cade 7 hónapja
Ryan Soler
Ryan Soler 7 hónapja
wait are you maltese too? I'm not alone!!!
CrappySUD 7 hónapja
Malta nirbħu d-dinja se nirbħu wkoll aħna se nħabbru dan il-virus
atalamcom 7 hónapja
I tought you were hacked but your actually helping people who have coronavirus didn't expect you would help people, Thank you🙂🌷
HappyManSnacks 7 hónapja
Fk you
Mr Dude
Mr Dude 7 hónapja
Attention all gamers, the front liners are in grave danger and need your help. All we need is your moms credit card number, expiration date, and the three digits on the back. Come on gamers, let’s help those front liners cure coronavirus and get that EPIC VICTORY ROYALE!
bean man
bean man 5 hónapja
@EliPlayzGaming you
EliPlayzGaming 6 hónapja
my alt
my alt 6 hónapja
4206 9420 6942 0694 4/69 420 haha weed and sex number funny
Klyps 7 hónapja
@EliPlayzGaming The expiration date wouldn't be 2028.
Alex 7 hónapja
@EliPlayzGaming hope its not real if it is delete it
Jerry The mouse
Jerry The mouse 7 hónapja
It’s not epic :// *but very epic*
Jimbonian 7 hónapja
Issa din hija epic, mument tal-poggers
Some Body
Some Body 7 hónapja
What's a malta?
fluffy391 7 hónapja
so beautiful how despite this virus it makes us work together
Simon Ghoul
Simon Ghoul 7 hónapja
malta morena
Thomas Pombart
Thomas Pombart 7 hónapja
Prost gibin bro, VIVA MALTA 🇲🇹
Daniel Ruefle
Daniel Ruefle 7 hónapja
Thanks Grandayy, very cool
Jesse Lapis Bird
Jesse Lapis Bird 7 hónapja
yeezes 7 hónapja
Make a note block song dedicated to covid19 while singing with it
hi 7 hónapja
who edited the video though
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas 7 hónapja
This is just awesome. I was really touched by their performances. Malta has a lot of good singers. Stay strong Malta. Love from India 💙
ツarbx3 7 hónapja
epico grandayy ♥️🥵
Pigeon Juice
Pigeon Juice 7 hónapja
Isn't Maltese a dog
Flemes 7 hónapja
Overused joke is overused
WaffleBoiXD 7 hónapja
HUrun: Let's Not Recommend This To Anyone.. or Maybe some People..
Cameron Clee
Cameron Clee 7 hónapja
When was grandday in it?
ニクラス 7 hónapja
NotPenguinFrog 7 hónapja
1:22:16 is.my favourite piece of music
Mr.ToniBoss 7 hónapja
wheres anomaly
NotPenguinFrog 7 hónapja
I was ment to be in Malta right now but Corona virus :(
Joe Jasat
Joe Jasat 7 hónapja
I do like maltesers, they’re tasty
Itz Leafyy
Itz Leafyy 5 hónapja
Flemes 7 hónapja
*nervously laughs in maltese*
Sebastian Tufigno
Sebastian Tufigno 7 hónapja
They melt in your mouth, no biting; just SUCK IT. Lmfao.
basil feitknecht
basil feitknecht 7 hónapja
wrap me up and call me a swiss roll, bet that'd be tasty
Vytautas Petrauskas
I like gummies more
RandomlyLegend 7 hónapja
not gonna lie, this is grandayys best video
Hiro Kobori
Hiro Kobori 7 hónapja
Why would anyone dislike
Daniel McEachern
Daniel McEachern 7 hónapja
jjaster8 7 hónapja
Hiro Kobori there’s not enough likes bruh moment
hehe _
hehe _ 7 hónapja
some of these people were just trash
Krispykuikscope 7 hónapja
Probably just Australians so it’s ok
Klaudijus Juškevičius
This is EPIC. Stay strong people, it will get better soon :)))
SriFoo 7 hónapja
I have never been to Malta, but I watched the entire thing. Hope the small amount of ad-revenue helps even if a little bit!
Hendrik Huysmans
Hendrik Huysmans 7 hónapja
I was in Malta doe n I highly recommend it tbh
DutchMischa 7 hónapja
Are you that red haired woman? 😊
Jerenov Vidimy
Jerenov Vidimy 7 hónapja
DutchMischa i don't think so, isn't Granday an old minecraft music block?
Cole Gervase
Cole Gervase 7 hónapja
Viva Malta u l-Maltin🇲🇹❤ Kullhadd jibqa id-dar ha nghaddu min dan iz zmien difficli malajr ❤❤
Pixel - rage unbound
These are not numbers for 2,6 mil channel.
YHK 7 hónapja
What is FNIST grandayy and why is it everywhere?
Sohamsta 7 hónapja
This was such a great stream!! This is better than memes grandayyyy
TRYTON 7 hónapja
Un abbraccio a Malta e a tutti i maltesi! ❤ 🇮🇹🇲🇹
JasperJ 7 hónapja
Can i just say what in your mind makes u dislike a charity video
ace kims0n
ace kims0n 7 hónapja
where were you inside?
Facterino Commenterino
Today's fact: The earth is miniscule when compared to the Sun, which is 300,000 times the size of our planet.
CrappySUD 7 hónapja
Looking for where I asked
Spook Statik
Spook Statik 7 hónapja
I have the Coronavirus
Achraf mmm
Achraf mmm 7 hónapja
wtf granday is a girl 😮
Evie 404
Evie 404 6 hónapja
@Achraf mmm Okay cool, I am a girl myself so I can't really agree with you but okay.
Achraf mmm
Achraf mmm 6 hónapja
@Evie 404 ngl i would simp for granday
Achraf mmm
Achraf mmm 6 hónapja
@Evie 404 he do be looking kinda fresh tho
Evie 404
Evie 404 6 hónapja
It might be someone else introducing it but if not there's nothing wrong with that.
Glitch Inventers
Glitch Inventers 7 hónapja
join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST join FNIST
Reenot 7 hónapja
To see the Maltese community and others come together and raise awareness to the pandemic and bring joy to others is something not very common nowadays. Just wanted to say thank you Grandayy for this festival :)
Glitch Inventers
Glitch Inventers 7 hónapja
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Wonderhorse9006 7 hónapja
Where is the meme
Evie 404
Evie 404 4 hónapja
@Wonderhorse9006 It's been two whole damn months and you only just replied I honestly forgot about this lmao
Wonderhorse9006 4 hónapja
Cherry Juice chad is a complement
Evie 404
Evie 404 6 hónapja
@Wonderhorse9006 What about chad then?
Wonderhorse9006 6 hónapja
Evie Gaming I’m 13 and not even female
Evie 404
Evie 404 6 hónapja
@Wonderhorse9006 Also I did not even call you stupid.
Nonoctoro 7 hónapja
*Where is the funny?*
Day of Reckoning
Day of Reckoning 7 hónapja
Stfu we dont watch you for shitty political shit we watch u for memes
Tommyd 24
Tommyd 24 7 hónapja
Dolan dark dosnt do this
cygnex 7 hónapja
thank you grande very cool
cloud beats
cloud beats 7 hónapja
Sub to my channel for free
Fabis 7 hónapja
AvalP 7 hónapja
Where is Grandayy
tinus tech lips
tinus tech lips 7 hónapja
Imagine the woman is grandayy.
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 7 hónapja
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