Minecraft Steve sings Dame Da Ne 

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2020.aug. 7.






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Darius Peters
Darius Peters 2 napja
When you make it in smash
Real Woody Films
All the terrifying things aside this is a really good remix
BoomerBoi 15 napja
when the ad is twice as big as the video itself...
ChillBlox 18 napja
damn that chin and neck so elastic
Small Memes
Small Memes 18 napja
This has tobe the best remix i have ever heard
Agente Jack The Werehog AKA The Jedi Lord
So...You have chosen Death *Go to Minecraft And disconnect each*
N ➐
N ➐ 23 napja
if you put this at 1x speed it sounds like dame da ne
Teski_Bakar 25 napja
So funny and original
Lizard WIZARD 25 napja
This is actually really good
Szorlm 26 napja
This music is very relaxing
Chilled Adspam
Chilled Adspam 26 napja
Top 10 rappers Eminem is afraid to diss
Creeper Guy6977
Creeper Guy6977 27 napja
Steve haters: you actually think minecraft Steve is getting in smash?! What a loser! Steve: actually gets in smash Steve supporters:
Nattaradon Juajun
Look at this gamers this is notch do after a new cave update
the warden Mohd Izuddin
Steve when he see the warden:
Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj
put youtubers lip sync in your rewind with this song !!!
Døughbōy Hónapja
Band/drama kid unfunny memes fuel ⛽️
RedBoxGaming YT
RedBoxGaming YT Hónapja
I've seen Gay Parades straighter than this comment section.
AYUB Gamer
AYUB Gamer Hónapja
Make the quality 144p trust me its better
Kristy Sandlin
Kristy Sandlin Hónapja
Lemuel Bacalso
Lemuel Bacalso Hónapja
New cursed steve
Bulb66 Hónapja
Ok now where is the joke?
Blurange The Idiot
with the amount of "grandayy unfunny" memes in this comment section and the like to dislike ratio on this video is just speechless lol
Lightningfun 64
Lightningfun 64 Hónapja
I can’t find the funny pls help
Gen Lee
Gen Lee Hónapja
Hahahah is nice steve
Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar
Where the funny
Gamaliel Rumahpasal
this is a masterpiece
Sillyjackclark Hónapja
Minecraft after both being in smash and a cave update in one week
Dax Edward / Skeleton Pals
It was Minecraft Steve and he has turn your world into his and now he wants to kill you
This statement is false Nothing is true
It’s called Bakamitai
John Cedrick D. Tan Tan
I like it
rommel_ 616
rommel_ 616 Hónapja
Disclaimer: you will not laugh
Tommoneer Hónapja
This should be his victory animation in smash
Fantasii Hónapja
I hate it
TheOddball Hónapja
This is a masterpiece!! Great work of art!!!
Vassilinia Hónapja
Me when I find out Minecraft Steve made it into Smash over Waluigi
Mario is gone Libertad
Wa ne shy o nyyya bakkamita
The Peeks
The Peeks Hónapja
Pelletonin Hónapja
When you use all your bones on a dog and they call you ugly
Ghost741 Simon
Ghost741 Simon Hónapja
It's the hidden curse in Minecraft
Eat Ham Gamer
Eat Ham Gamer Hónapja
Therapist: dont worry steve with a neck isnt real, he cant hurt you Steve with a neck:
Kaleb Eden
Kaleb Eden Hónapja
Cursed warning
Seal Boi
Seal Boi Hónapja
when your dog falls in lava
TheRobloxian Aviator
as if the cave sounds werent terrifying enough
ReneNoR Hónapja
the unfunny
M.Senthamizh Arasu
This is why I pay for the internet
Bush Hónapja
This my friends is what we call a masterpiece
Zordyon Hónapja
My head exploded 3 secs after the vid started
The san Andreas Low rider
Anyone down to search the universe and back to find out where his bullshit “comedy” is found entertaining?
Raven Cordero
Raven Cordero Hónapja
Kamil Turkiewicz
It soo awfull
engineer gaming
engineer gaming Hónapja
no u
Mr.Yoshibro Hónapja
When he got added to smash
batmanvsbane gaming
Give me more
PickleChin Azzboi
PickleChin Azzboi 2 hónapja
Steve when a bunch of people don’t want him in smash
MegaCallBall 2 hónapja
When Steve is announced in smash
Neon guy
Neon guy 2 hónapja
Minecraft cover
The Penguin
The Penguin 2 hónapja
Pizza Pasta
Pizza Pasta 2 hónapja
Steve after 3-stocking you
Gold / Gold5028
Gold / Gold5028 2 hónapja
after he got in smash
Countdown 2 hónapja
So now that he's in smash, what does this mean?
Brent Batin
Brent Batin 2 hónapja
How is this scary?!
The gaming Politoed
Steve after realising he is in smash now
Khaleel Karim
Khaleel Karim 2 hónapja
This came into my recommended right after Steve got in smash. Anyone else?
Steve 2 hónapja
Steve in smash be like:
Mustache Man
Mustache Man 2 hónapja
Now Steve is in smash because of this
Issac 2 hónapja
steve when he gets into smash:
Labib Khan
Labib Khan 2 hónapja
Ayy Steve got in smash Bros !!
Sophia Marie Cruz
finally. a comment that will wash the "haha you got the people laughing" comments out of my brain
SuperSquid 004
SuperSquid 004 2 hónapja
Steve singing for the people who hopes for someone else other than in the smash reveal.
PepsiCola 2 hónapja
Steve when he gets added to smash just to find out nobody wants him there
some dude that likes anime
keep in mind hes in smash like literally this is a character alongside mario, joker, bayonetta, and sonic
Questionable Skitty
The Pepsi In The Comments
Steve is singing because he is in Smash
hector is dumb
hector is dumb 2 hónapja
When you hit a enderman with a wooden pan and he starts coming after you
垢は残す引退 2 hónapja
だめだね だめよ だめなのよ あんたが 好きで好きすぎて どれだけ 強いお酒でも 歪まない思い出が 馬鹿みたい I am no good. No good. No good at all. I love you, I love you too much. No matter how strong the drink, the memories are clear; it’s so foolish. Quote(Original song)→m.hurun.info/to/vide/d5iirHyYuKSsl78.html
President Hathaway Fan
Ah. Band kid heaven.
Bennyz 112
Bennyz 112 2 hónapja
When your minecraft dog dies
el_spuderro yolo gamer
i luv uuuuu very very
Camden Giugno
Camden Giugno 2 hónapja
Why does EVERYONE forget Steve has a beard
URENEMY 2 hónapja
Steve singing dame da ne isn’t real Steve singing dame da ne
S. A
S. A 2 hónapja
the additional beat was actually good
The Die Wander
The Die Wander 2 hónapja
Oh my god the hate in the comments
yeehaw shyguy
yeehaw shyguy 2 hónapja
unfunniest man on the planet next to dolan
yeehaw shyguy
yeehaw shyguy 2 hónapja
@starscream wow so original
starscream 2 hónapja
No u
yeehaw shyguy
yeehaw shyguy 2 hónapja
@pjüdipai ok
pjüdipai 2 hónapja
Jazzyww 2 hónapja
This is what my mirror sees at 7 in the morning
LiteThrower348 village
Thanks, I hate it
ANJIBOY OO 2 hónapja
I'm still dissapointed you call it dame dane instead of baka mitai
TheToiletboyz 2 hónapja
u are not funny
Brickstir 2 hónapja
This is a spawn of the demon
Mike Angeles
Mike Angeles 2 hónapja
Psychiatrist: you have 32 seconds to live Me:
drcouhret 2 hónapja
This video makes me think I am funny
Gr8est Funnygum
Gr8est Funnygum 2 hónapja
Imagine this being the first Dame Da Nae meme you see. Yup.
Big Chuggus
Big Chuggus 2 hónapja
Omg so funny 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 big chungus in real life hd remix 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭 free download لا اعلانات (no virus)
lolnope 64
lolnope 64 2 hónapja
this is so cursed
Henry B
Henry B 2 hónapja
Steve singing this with minecraft cave sounds would be a whole new level of sleep paralysis daemon
Feorzzy 2 hónapja
*You have reached the end of Internet, turn around*
Egi Boi
Egi Boi 2 hónapja
To underrated.
Exploding Egg 123
Exploding Egg 123 2 hónapja
why are there a bunch of butthurt ppl in the comments section y'all are like 'ha ha he isn't funny im not funny either but he isn't funny im the funny one lol' stop being butthurt and go cry cause ur not funny either and also just leave this guy alone
Exploding Egg 123
Exploding Egg 123 2 hónapja
UnderGamer you ok dude? like do u need medical help
UnderGamer 2 hónapja
say fat
Exploding Egg 123
Exploding Egg 123 2 hónapja
UnderGamer oh come on u can do better than that
UnderGamer 2 hónapja
Water Creepers
Water Creepers 2 hónapja
This gave me nightmares
skellecraft 2 hónapja
Burn it
انير ٢٦٩٧
انير ٢٦٩٧ 2 hónapja
this is enough youtube for today
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