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Article 13 threatens the free and open internet. Act now! saveyourinternet.eu/act/
Video edited by Dylan Locke: hurun.info
Listen to Robocopyright by Dan Bull on Spotify: open.spotify.com/playlist/7iv50g8D8pefKfDkxtXk7R?si=2m2ZV8VER2yfKdjULgdodg
And on iTunes / Apple Music: itunes.apple.com/album/robocopyright-single/1457215700
Dan Bull's HUrun channel: hurun.info
The final vote of Article 13 (now changed to Article 17) of the EU Copyright Directive is going to take place on March 26th. We don't have much time left! Consider contacting your local MEPs and voice your concerns. There's also going to be real life protests all over Europe on March 23rd! See which MEPs have pledged to do the right thing and vote against Article 13: pledge2019.eu/en
Article 13 will legally force platforms like HUrun to use upload filters to automatically block any detected copyrighted content. Fair use transformative content, such as memes, parodies and criticism, already gets unfairy claimed or striked by greedy labels on a regular basis as it is. Article 13 can only make things even worse than they are now for European creators. Here's more information about the dangers of Article 13: savetheinternet.info/
Special thanks to the following European HUrunrs for taking part in this music video.
PewDiePie: hurun.info
Roomie: hurun.info
Jacksepticeye: hurun.info
#Article13 #CopyrightDirective #SaveYourInternet
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Edit: Sad news, Article 13 has been approved by EU Parliament. However the fight is not over yet. It is still not law and there is time to urge legislators to at least improve the text of Article 13. savetheinternet.info/ Listen to this song by Dan Bull on this Spotify: open.spotify.com/playlist/7iv50g8D8pefKfDkxtXk7R And thanks to Dylan Locke for making the music video, check out his channel: hurun.info Also special thanks to PewDiePie, Roomie, and Jacksepticeye for their cameos in the video!
monkeonthetree 12 napja
@SIR LORD Great Hollow IV nothing happened lol
Pratyush Sapkota
There is one boi from nepal goldhunga and he is so bad and dislikes your comment
Pratyush Sapkota
CichyHub 4 hónapja
FancyLlama 4 hónapja
Big sad
Jonathon Mortley-higgs
Best crossover in all of history. This song hit home for me!
Ezra 3 napja
This is still one of the best music I've heard even tho it may not stop article 13 it is still good
Double 896
Double 896 7 napja
Remember when COPPA was gonna be the worst thing that was going to happen this year?
vito pasco
vito pasco 8 napja
Article 13 is the type of guy who won't understand the why would the chicken cross the road joke
Astro Goal Horns
This is the anthem of Pirate Politics
AwesomePro Gamer
3:22 is where it gets good
Zoltan Rusé-Tasnady
"I'd rether my router wasn't changed to a rate meter" dude, that's what bills are while we're at it I'd also prefer if my tap, power outlet and toilet wasn't changed to rate meter either
mcmiguelcarvey 10
Hxlo_ Hónapja
who came from dont feel so good simulator
Sh4d0wTP1599_ut Official
This is amazing (1 year late)
Darky Thing
Darky Thing Hónapja
If Miranda ever makes a musical about the internet this betters be in it
DAZZLE Hónapja
This is such a good edit, it sounds like dan is actually singing this. You really outdid yourself here, grandayy.
IvanCoHe Hónapja
Oh, yeah, remember when article 13 was an important thing lol
Big Chap
Big Chap 14 napja
Oh those were the days
Nanna On Steroids
The dislikes is article 13 club in the library.
Troy Satto
Troy Satto Hónapja
nice lypsinc, where's Grandayy?
Andrew Kinsel
Andrew Kinsel Hónapja
Everyone who disliked approved article 13
Yvette Treat
Yvette Treat Hónapja
This song is awesome gg
thediamondshard Hónapja
Why do boomers make laws for things they are ignorant of?
mat novak
mat novak 2 napja
because 10 people with millions of dollars worth of lobbying cash have more significance than a million people making 10 bucks per hour
Mcom Hónapja
Article 13 shows how little can ppl do in front of European government and how much power it actually has. I'm not against European centralization but this is a little too much.
Lebendiges Gespenst
Net neutrality, Article 13, COPPA... it's like it never stops
SubKay Hónapja
should i worry about "all hail robo copyright our great leader"
Techno Spyform1
Techno Spyform1 Hónapja
Hard to think this was a year ago
Kaiser the Keyboard
More than a year later and this is still a bop
CryingSike Hónapja
WW3: The Axis Power: EU, COPPA, Aritcle 13 & Article 11 The allies: Internet, ppl who voted against the article 13
Riley Crosskey
Riley Crosskey 2 hónapja
I wondered why this was on Grandayy's channel as well as Dan Bull's but I just realised it's a HUGE rebel against Article 13 because he's uploading someone else's video on his channel. smart.
Sarah Jess
Sarah Jess 2 hónapja
Dang, Dan Bull
LosingLuke 2 hónapja
Sadly still relevant
duk 2 hónapja
i remember article 13, i remember seeing it and being mad about it for one day and the next day it just fukin disappears
BottoMode 2 hónapja
Cykla • 13 years ago
Did we jus forget bout this lmaoo
Larch Tolype Moth
not me
spaghetti Hónapja
not me
Robotomy101 2 hónapja
not me
Metro Man
Metro Man 2 hónapja
This Video Has Been Blocked In Your Country
Bing Bong
Bing Bong 2 hónapja
*he was then give 2 strikes*
Master Of Nations
Master Of Nations 2 hónapja
Robotomy101 2 hónapja
Raptor The Bearded Dragon
YoshiMusic999 2 hónapja
Don’t forget that even though we may have forgotten, article 13/17 is still happening. EU states have until June 2021 to adopt the law. It’s not over.
spaghetti Hónapja
@Marcus Crassus I still don't trust them, but knowing EU, it will take like a decade until they actually decide on something
Marcus Crassus
Marcus Crassus 2 hónapja
The EU already has said it's not going to effect the things people got scared of
pyramid titan gaming
this is still a bop in 2020
Dr _ Nomz
Dr _ Nomz 3 hónapja
Pewds steals the video at the end xDDDDDDDDD
Dr _ Nomz
Dr _ Nomz 3 hónapja
Hey can you petition to put this in the new Tony Hawk? It's style really fits honestly lol.
Guff ッ
Guff ッ 3 hónapja
Marike du Plooy
Marike du Plooy 3 hónapja
NGL this is actually good. I usually hate today's rap songs but this is actually good.
12steve07 3 hónapja
Dan Bull is brilliant!!!!
Scooty789 3 hónapja
I generally agree with the eu but man they fucked up
Kenny 3 hónapja
So a year later i still dont really see what has changed now
spaghetti Hónapja
if they fuck the internet up I am gonna call my fellow albanian gangsta friends and make the american blm protests seem like kindergarteners fighting over a doll
YoshiMusic999 2 hónapja
EU countries have until June 2021 to put the law in place. We’ll see how it goes then.
loderyod 2 hónapja
@monkyhire5 wait, they didn't cancel it?
monkyhire5 3 hónapja
Hasnt come into effect yet. It's not necessarily going to mean one day everything will go to shit. But the text of the law is so vague that it opens a lot of companies to lawsuits if they don't put anything in place to stop people frok posting compyrighted content. We just basically need to wait and see hiw the different countries interpret it
_Equinox 3 hónapja
Goes into effect early 2021
Kooper Jerome
Kooper Jerome 3 hónapja
If JackSepticEye is watching this right now, please reply.
Bread Sheeran
Bread Sheeran 3 hónapja
This guy has been on ERB I think?
Marcus Crassus
Marcus Crassus 3 hónapja
@Spike Spiegel 2 times epicrapbattlesofhistory.fandom.com/wiki/Dan_Bull
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel 3 hónapja
yes multiple times
Memevik 2
Memevik 2 3 hónapja
RD.Yeehaw _YT
RD.Yeehaw _YT 3 hónapja
*article 11* : im gonna destroy the internet. *article 13* :nope. im gonna destroy it! *coppa* : hold my juice box *NORD VPN* : wow! i wish you can by me a dictionary to understand that!
RD.Yeehaw _YT
RD.Yeehaw _YT 3 hónapja
@UnknownExtras thx :)
UnknownExtras 3 hónapja
Thats a good comment 👍
alvin rasher
alvin rasher 3 hónapja
4:03 dude he just maked it more funnier
free range human
free range human 4 hónapja
Here a bit later than over a year. Dissapointed with the vote
spaghetti Hónapja
we need to spread awareness of internet problems youtube allowing animal abuse while false copyrighting others or cutting some over a swear ridiculous laws from governments (net neutrality, the eu articles) the decision has not been made yet, it was just the first step
Steven Casteel
Steven Casteel 4 hónapja
Great job.
Alexander Johnson
Alexander Johnson 4 hónapja
Articale 13: exists VPNs: allow us to entroduce ourselves
Lavender 4 hónapja
Remember when we were worried about this?
Bonno 55
Bonno 55 3 hónapja
Bro were all doomed
_Equinox 3 hónapja
Goes into effect early 2021
Apollyon 4 hónapja
the fact that the original is not on the dan bull channel says a lot about how HUrun has acted
Jo Christopher
Jo Christopher 3 hónapja
What does it say?
Jamie Moreton
Jamie Moreton 4 hónapja
Thought it was a nice touch that you used the beat from Chillinit's "Freedom"
Sovietcat 4 hónapja
All hail Mother Russia Our Great leader
SpeedyGD 4 hónapja
Why did nothing happen after Article 13? We are still laughing and thriving, but now theres COVID.
Lee 3 hónapja
Article 13 will not be enforced until early 2021.
ROyalWolfy 4 hónapja
2020: and Mr.Beast still don't buy EU parliament
MrJohn Cerberus
MrJohn Cerberus 4 hónapja
The dislikes is probably the EU parliament
FederalPhoenix 4 hónapja
Who copied whose songs? Dan Bull or Rachel Maree & Kafeeno?
Tomasko Marencin
Tomasko Marencin 4 hónapja
The instrumental was stolen from the song “freedom by Matthew cue”
spaghetti Hónapja
lmao thats genious
Haven Gaming 27
Haven Gaming 27 4 hónapja
'Freedom of speech is a right... freedom of production is a living thing's instinct. If you take that away, you take away a person's personality.' They act like we are ants.
spaghetti Hónapja
what the hell
snowysnowwish 4 hónapja
this is still a bop though.
snowysnowwish 19 napja
@Random Central absolutely!
Random Central
Random Central 19 napja
are you snowier snow?
I need a weapon
I need a weapon 4 hónapja
The only reason we in England left the European union.
Lucy Evans
Lucy Evans 4 hónapja
Oh right article 13 was a thing. How did it turn out?
Lee 3 hónapja
Article 13 will not be enforced until early 2021.
Jaya Mae Gallenera
Jaya Mae Gallenera 4 hónapja
That singer is will be the next rap God.
Wishful Thinker
Wishful Thinker 4 hónapja
Hey, so I wanna talk about Chris Kogos. Now, you prolly don't know him, but he puts a lotta time on meme songs. Krab borg remixes, smash mouth, hadaway. You get the idea. Recently, his video titled "krabonance" (Krab borg remix of resonance) was taken down by Viacom Intl. He worked on it for months. Article 13 is disgusting in every way. And it will make things impossible for anyone like him. Please stop this now. And support his channel, he works hard on those shitposts. Like... Way too hard.
N.B. D
N.B. D 4 hónapja
So... Does article 13 still a thing?
Videogamer 6000
Videogamer 6000 4 hónapja
N.B. Drawing yes it just comes into an effect in 2021
HDxD3 ___
HDxD3 ___ 4 hónapja
A hard nae nae alert 3:23
Epic reaction Channel
I like it
Booldt 5 hónapja
Thanks for making me cry dude.
Marilyn Gallenera
Marilyn Gallenera 5 hónapja
4:04, PewDiePie appeared out of nowhere and he got no underwear
GAST LITE 5 hónapja
God,its pretty good Sou Brazuca kk
ChrisClownie 5 hónapja
Soooo.... whats happening now?
loderyod 2 hónapja
Marcus Outplays
Marcus Outplays 5 hónapja
Tha last of us 2 aka garbage
Dinosaur Lord
Dinosaur Lord 5 hónapja
Ah, this is why the UK left the EU, okay.
joel rosique florido
i didnt imagine that PewDiePie was in this video wow AMAZING
joel rosique florido
i love this song so much that i pla yminecraft and roblox with it idk why
joel rosique florido
i love this song
Woody 5 hónapja
AAAAAAND here it is again. Stage 2 of the fight in germany. Let's see what we can accomplish in bending this atleast a little bit
Riley Butcher
Riley Butcher 5 hónapja
Roomie and jack - serious Pewdiepie - clones himself and does the whip and nae nae
The Scarlet King
The Scarlet King 5 hónapja
Btw some guy randomly targeted TheFatRat
DepthStrider14 5 hónapja
So I played a game on roblox and heard this song. Its a great song and still stand for what we need today. I know its a bit late to be trying to do more. But that's what someone who's given up says. We can't give up until we win everything back the free space of the World Wide Web back. I would like to start another movement to get this back, since everyone is home including most politicians. While we have these fights for freedom amoge are African American groups I think we should fight as well. If anyone agrees please find a way gain some people behind this.
Another Average YouTube User
*bReXiT jOkE*
BMW M5 5 hónapja
Gotta flag this for sexual content so we can pursuade the HUrun staff
EssBücher 5 hónapja
How is actually good?????? Like wow
BMW M5 5 hónapja
UK: *_S T O N K S_*
Tamar Porath
Tamar Porath 5 hónapja
Gregory Arnold
Gregory Arnold 5 hónapja
Preach it brother.
Booldt 5 hónapja
I love jack septic eye but I’m always so sad knowing I’ll never be able to meet him unless possibly my acting career takes off. I doubt it though... I’m so happy to see him fighting against this.
Booldt 5 hónapja
Dude it’s fantastic.
Booldt 5 hónapja
Yay dan bull
Jason 5 hónapja
Really gives me P.O.D. vibes.
YoshiMusic999 5 hónapja
It’s not over. The EU gave its members two years to implement it. I worry that if we don’t keep pressuring it’ll shock us all once it takes effect.
Pharaoh 5 hónapja
EU: **Band memes** People: **Memes about this** EU: **Visible confusion**
Elmeri 5 hónapja
Thawed Gamer
Thawed Gamer 5 hónapja
I love this song but my favourite little Irish boy didn't rap so boo?
CoNe_HeAd_27 5 hónapja
well, now in 2020, we got another problem.
loderyod 2 hónapja
Elmeri 5 hónapja
Master Chief
Master Chief 5 hónapja
Why does this still hit so hard a year later?
Sharl LeChair
Sharl LeChair 6 hónapja
lol I forgot about this
Jens der Befehlshaber der zweiten Panzer Division
Imagine being so badass you diss the government of an entire country
Antoine The Dumbass
@Jens der Befehlshaber der zweiten Panzer Division no lad it's an alliance
Jens der Befehlshaber der zweiten Panzer Division
Lenard Starks yea but mostly Germany... I think
Lenard Starks
Lenard Starks 6 hónapja
Multiple countries
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