#SubscribeToPewdiepie Ending Celebration Montage 

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Ending the Subscribe to PewDiePie meme by celebrating everyone that contributed to it. I originally made this video for Pewds a while ago but the race between him and T-Series kept going for much longer than everyone thought. Things changed and I had to update it along the way. Pewds used a short part of this montage for his latest video ending the meme once and for all. You can watch that here: hurun.info/to/vide/cqFlr499snS6ttU.html
This is the full version of the video I made. I tried to keep it wholesome, I hope you enjoy! It may finally be the end of this meme, but we can still be happy about how it managed to bring the whole HUrun community together.
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PewDiePie Évvel
Thanks for making this man
AnTube Remix
AnTube Remix 10 órája
AnTube Remix
AnTube Remix 10 órája
AnTube Remix
AnTube Remix 10 órája
Imma be
AnTube Remix
AnTube Remix 10 órája
Well you are still the king t series is just a music channel
Mixer Mrtaco
I remember screaming in lunch with the bois telling everyone to subscribe to PewDiePie and to unsubscribe to T-Series.
Mixer Mrtaco
my fellow nine year olds, we may have lost, but we will never lose our love for pewdiepie. as Dwight Schrute once said "TOGETHER WE PREVAIL"
Shuriver Hónapja
This was a phenomenal moment
Aditya Tewary
Aditya Tewary Hónapja
cocomelon is coming we need help
Tribus 2 hónapja
This just shows that PewDiePie has a better and more loyal community than most real world leaders. S U B 2 P E W D I E P I E
TheGaming Show
TheGaming Show 3 hónapja
This is the memorial of PewDiePie vs T-Series [I'm crying]
Whited 3 hónapja
We respect your decisions
Saad Irfan
Saad Irfan 3 hónapja
Anyone in 2020 lol just me?
꧁Sky Gabs꧂
꧁Sky Gabs꧂ 3 hónapja
Ay congratulations
IGLOBOY 4 hónapja
He ended it in the right way. It been a year already. Good old days.
PreytoR 4 hónapja
ZhaksStab 5 hónapja
What is the background song name?
Adrian Lescure
Adrian Lescure 5 hónapja
He better start that again cuz the cocomelon is coming
jessica wroten
jessica wroten 5 hónapja
2.69 million subs,nice
Leafy Is Bae
Leafy Is Bae 5 hónapja
I wish i could like this video infinite amount of times
baghdad gym
baghdad gym 5 hónapja
he should've played the weecher 3
proximal beet
proximal beet 5 hónapja
I just found a video saying he ownes this account and many more meme accounts on the one mil special on the flying kitty channel
RiotousRecord 5 hónapja
This made me cry
Michael Sali
Michael Sali 5 hónapja
Edit: Combatants The Nine Year Old Army: PewDiePie MrBeast Marzia Markiplier Jacksepticeye Me Social Blade FlareTV MacPlaysTV JaidenAnimations (with TheOdd1sOut) Andrei Terbea Dolan Dark Grandayy Estonia and Israel Elon Musk Blue Shirt Kid Roomie Boyinaband ZHD Ayush More Aloona Larionova MrBeast's friends The US Government Justin Roberts Eminem Dolan Darker Dolan Darkest VoiceOverPete FlyingKitty Sureal Animations Memers Joe Jenkins Davie504 Keller Keemstar (DramaAlert) BJ Zaii Girls (The Lithuanian Cheerleaders) Danny Zee CaptainSparklez Jacksfilms The Leg Man The HackerGiraffe Patrick Adair Designs NATO UN Philippines ASEAN T-Series: Bhushan Kumar Susan Wojcicki MaximilianMus Dillon The Hacker EU War: The Great Subscriber War Darkest day: 29th of April 2019 Days: 244 days Results: T-Series won "T-Series ain't nothing but a Bitch Lasagna"
Hannah Sanihin
Hannah Sanihin 5 hónapja
Happy 1 year to this. This really does bring a smile to my face every time i watch. Its amazing what the bro army/9 year olds/floor gang can do together
Simona Končiutė
Simona Končiutė 5 hónapja
After what the cheerleaders did I have gained more respect for my country.
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal 6 hónapja
Gg T series won cuz of 1.4 billion population
lol 6 hónapja
AslowBridger 7 hónapja
i almost cry legit tho!
seth aman
seth aman 7 hónapja
Well it’s Tseries vs All the white HUrun Community. Lol .. they lost it by 136 Vs 104.
Shantia Azordegan
Shantia Azordegan 7 hónapja
I just dont get it why people do this for pewdiepie
Floro Selso
Floro Selso 7 hónapja
T series didnt even know about this , how much desperate can you get,,,
GL_HF _GG 5 hónapja
I don't think you understand this was for fun. This was actually the best online global thing in 2018
IGLOBOY 7 hónapja
Oh really. If you are smart enough to check it there are bunch of videos T series talking about wanting to be number one in Twitter or even Instagram.
fyoozhn 7 hónapja
every time i watch something related to this, i just have the urge to cry... idk why
WarmMilk 7 hónapja
What an amazing time to be 9 year old
Team LX hiper
Team LX hiper 7 hónapja
No one
No one 8 hónapja
0:38 saiman says!!
blah 8 hónapja
That was amazing
045 Yash Sharma
045 Yash Sharma 8 hónapja
Still many pewdiepie subscribers say that pewdiepie doesn't do advertising 😂😂😂😂
juicy mango
juicy mango 8 hónapja
no matter what pewdiepie is no.1 in our hearts. BROFIST!!!
don't sub
don't sub 9 hónapja
Good times
Hawkgaming2945 1
Hawkgaming2945 1 9 hónapja
A battle that will most likely never be forgotten, I loved how everyone got together, but in the end. We all went our different ways... well fought at the time...
Vedant Z Edit
Vedant Z Edit 9 hónapja
They all tried their best but t series crushed them 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Vedant Z Edit
Vedant Z Edit Hónapja
@Mandar Garud yep and i will always
Mandar Garud
Mandar Garud Hónapja
I bet you still support t-series
Aditya Tewary
Aditya Tewary Hónapja
Pewdiepie is an individual creator
Vedant Z Edit
Vedant Z Edit 8 hónapja
IGLOBOY lets see ur new plans 😂😂😂 all the best buddy
Vedant Z Edit
Vedant Z Edit 8 hónapja
IGLOBOY lol try yr best brother all the best 😹
oscarloperez de la matanza
its probably the most epic thing ever happened to internet, I love coming back to watch this
fishyboi 6000
fishyboi 6000 9 hónapja
Mr beast Ur the MOST dedicated person in the world to spend that much money to help PewDiePie
Ell Dee
Ell Dee 9 hónapja
The journey has ended But it was one hell of a ride
Sir Cranberry
Sir Cranberry 9 hónapja
What's the background track?
IGLOBOY 7 hónapja
Sir Cranberry you mean the music?
Sammy 9 hónapja
T-Series is not a thing and I refuse to believe it.
Clueless 9 hónapja
It was a fun era when it lasted but it’s fun to come back and see all the great things that happened
Jacrispy Vermillion
Jacrispy Vermillion 10 hónapja
It’s kinda amazing how one man on HUrun can make millions of people join together for one cause. Like for a meme
Jahir gaming
Jahir gaming 10 hónapja
Thanos:now this does put a smile on my face. Wow I can’t believe that pewdiepie got overthrown.😢
IGLOBOY 8 hónapja
The only time that Pewdiepie lost.
Benjamin Fisher
Benjamin Fisher 11 hónapja
Bruh the things that get me through the hard times. I watched the subscriber count from about early-October to mid-May. This literally drove me right through my senior year of high school. I watched every vid from Pewds for like 5 months and became really involved in HUrun. This was such a big event that's just a small part of my life that I know I'll never forget. Great vid! Thanks!
Josh 11 hónapja
Looking back, especially with this montage, shows just how influential the internet can be. The culture has never been so put together than with that movement. That's something no one can ever forget
JD 11 hónapja
bruhtastic 11 hónapja
This is why Pewdiepie vs T-Series should be the meme of the decade.
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 5 hónapja
It should be in the history books at school.
Reo Calib-og
Reo Calib-og 11 hónapja
i make a T-sires minecraft house and i blow it UP!!!!!!!!!!
p a n i n i h e a d
p a n i n i h e a d 11 hónapja
we experienced a great war
Reo Calib-og
Reo Calib-og 11 hónapja
let's go prwDiepiyaners PewDiePie PewDiePie PewDiePie
Clueless 11 hónapja
Ah Yes, Jaiden Liked this.
Kclar Évvel
It's sad that the meme have to end because of that stupid new Zealand shooter -_-
DocSlayingyoudown [HMOFIGFYOA]
is noone going to tell the guy at 1:41 in wheelchair
childhood in Hindi
Hahahaha ..... PewDiePie lose *his* war 😅😁
and? He did the respectful thing before it went too far. There was already that shooting
Radha Shrestha
Tune name
Gus Pheloung
Gus Pheloung Évvel
Logan Paul: sub to pewdiepie Thanks, Satan.
Veronica Sohn
Just one question.. *did you subscribe to pewdiepie?*
Camilla Carola Marri
Miss those months
IGLOBOY 8 hónapja
me to stay strong man
Veronica Sohn
My future child: Will ww3 ever happen? Me as a mom: Yes. Cause it already happened. Future Child: What!? How? Me: Sit down and let me tell you a great story. 😌😌
NeverTheLess Productions
*This should be the HUrun rewind*
That GF Goofus
shivakumar go
That's the most CUTEST thing I have seen in my life...Aaahhuuu
isaac candelario
Dear future generations: You guys just missed the greatest war that ever happened on HUrun.
T series probably has more than 20 million bot subscribers
-yui- Évvel
this made me cry soooo much from all our hardworks, our efforts, this had ended. this was the best war in the world. we will never ever forget the days that has gave us all the fun. shall we bless all the days that we've spent for this. like, all our effort for one legendary man. 👊 edit BRUH I SOUND LIKE SOME WOMAN SO WORRIED ABOUT SOMETHING-
This was beatiful
Rafif Agriansyah
T-Series may won the war............ But pewds wins our hearts.
045 Yash Sharma
045 Yash Sharma 8 hónapja
Not our but only of crazy pewdiepie subscribers
David nichoff
MasterTLP Évvel
Found the beat after 4 months lol xD Golden Rules by Luwaks #Pewds2020forYTPresident
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer Évvel
love this vid
The Pianist
The Pianist Évvel
Pewdiepie is still the king of youtube he is like the person who started with youtube and is remaining now he is a respected king, and its just crazy.
Rasmus Kinnunen
What is this song's name??
Jan Spirit
Jan Spirit Évvel
I love how the community came together and did this wholesome thimg
Rady 2021
Rady 2021 Évvel
Hello everybody please help together ✅🤝🙏🏽😊
Rady 2021
Rady 2021 Évvel
Hello everybody please help together ✅🤝🙏🏽😊
YAN!S Évvel
We lost...
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer Évvel
Abigail Alvarado
This give me so many feelings mixed, I have been watching him since 2010, and now he is just a phenomenon, a great man, a guy with a dream that all of us admire, with a beatifiul partner in life, with great friends, We love this man, and have put so many smiles in our faces, Thanks Grandayy for doding this, and thanks to Pewdiepie and de 9-year-olds
Manan Dhingra
I cried.
Niels Hjelm
Niels Hjelm Évvel
How the hell did we lose ;(
Tedi Kocillari
It doesn't matter if tseries won. Look at this. This is what we would do for a person that makes us happy everytime we see his/her face. We are like a family to felix and he is family to us so from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank you felix.
Smooth Operator
"But we only just begun"
how to properly eat out a Honda civic
40 mil in 5 months
Maksym Chojnacki
KingzzZ Évvel
PewDiePie your the greatest HUrunr in the world when I was 6 my life was sad then you come to my life just get better I love we all love you
Rushia is Boing Boing
Next up We need a world class hacker Just to delete t series
Rapolas Venckus
I know I'm late, but I'm here to say... This is the reason I love BC Kaunas Zalgiris.
Mike Xacha
Mike Xacha Évvel
This needs to be in History books!
April Penaflor
Honestly beautiful and perfectly edited. Thank you for this Granday
ImConfused Évvel
We will continue the fight!
Gamerbread Évvel
Everyone: spends millions of dollars on pewdiepie ads T-Series: *still wins* Everyone: *excuse me what the f*
045 Yash Sharma
045 Yash Sharma 8 hónapja
Not everyone only crazy pewdiepie subscribers
Baku Évvel
this is so butteful almost mad me cry
Francisco Silva
This literally gives me ghosepumps
Chris. Évvel
Thank god it ended this was cringey
Saitama Évvel
I LOVE IT , Its a perfect timing cuz pewdiepie reached 100 Million subs.
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