This video will make you question your sanity 

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Is this real Minecraft or is this just fantasy?
Yes this was all done through a custom resource pack I made specifically for this vid
#minecraft #meme
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Senzu Évvel
u will never know for what i got so many likes
Просто Я
Young Park
Young Park 26 napja
Sophia Marie Cruz
Sophia Marie Cruz 2 hónapja
He wrote "1 like equals 1 brain cell lost"
Ramphastos Toco
Ramphastos Toco 2 hónapja
"u will never know for what i got so many likes" After finishing his edit, he begins laughing heartily as he saves the changes to his previously tolerable comment. His chuckling comes to a steady end as he fully relaxes on his chair, closing his eyes. Suddenly, his eyes shoot open and his face violently straightens. He stands up, and fully extends his arms straight and outwards to his sides. His body begins slowly levitating upwards, seemingly breaking the very fundamental rules of reality itself. As he goes against all logic and reason with his vehement hovering, his eyelids drop and rise up again to reveal godly lights beaming from his eye sockets. A disembodied heavenly choir resonates from the abruptly omniscient man. A deific shock wave is fiercely expelled from his body, leveling his house and the surrounding neighborly architecture unworthy of his divine presence. Screams are heard from all directions, from both his family, neighbors, and bystanders walking by. Before continuing his ascent, his lips part to deliver one final message to the mere mortals surrounding him. "I HAVE ACHIEVED, MAXIMUM, COMEDIC, PERFORMANCE." He looks up, and with one swift movement, launches to the heavens, to properly acquire his ownership of the universe itself.
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What's wrong with this video? Seems completely normal to me...
Makringl3 5 órája
Isn't this the normal way to play Minecraft?
Maria Hansen
Maria Hansen 8 órája
Hullo Mr. Grandayy, I am having a strange suspicion that Mr. Grandayy made a texture pack?
End Over4
End Over4 Napja
Heitor Gois
NS777 Napja
Nice texture pack lol
IAN HWANG 2 napja
This is hurting me head
Cio 2 napja
I jumpscare on ending
Kassie Searle
Kassie Searle 2 napja
I was introduced to you by unspeakable
Divyansh Gaurav
Why will it make me question my sanity? He's just playing the normal game
Burst Kruzy
Burst Kruzy 3 napja
Don’t know what u expected... Hehe
Angeldog 4 napja
5 seconds in and there’s already 5 problems 1.He’s at one heart 2.His hotbar is unorganized 3.he’s using his fist to break diamonds 4.Something drops when breaking with his fist 5.The thing that drops is the ore instead of the ingot
Mr. Raptor
Mr. Raptor 5 napja
This video shoulden't exist. It's too dangerous to be kept alive
mav g
mav g 5 napja
I am starting to question my insanity
AzizBg Boss
AzizBg Boss 5 napja
I want to cry 🙃
elizangela paulussi
que curto este video
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Add Link Free 8 napja
Savyo Lisboa
Savyo Lisboa 8 napja
O que
The blind squirrel
I litterly found this on an ad They didn’t even remove ur logo
Ghost Gamerz
Ghost Gamerz 9 napja
He is master of editing
Hyper Gaming
Hyper Gaming 9 napja
Yazume Weichi'o
when notch had a glass of wine last evening
Boguslaw Czajka
Boguslaw Czajka 10 napja
This is cursed lol
Haviesh M.S
Haviesh M.S 10 napja
It is so funny and the diamond haha
Echo K
Echo K 11 napja
this made me actually question my sanity............
simplify with jayshree
Did anyone realise that the wither was spawned by t series
Bhavna Dagar
Bhavna Dagar 11 napja
Rip headphone users at 1:14
نيفور نيفور
في أحد عربي
Sushil Joshi
Sushil Joshi 11 napja
Ur playing in creative mode
moster roblox11
moster roblox11 12 napja
Im so confused
xLuna Galaxy
xLuna Galaxy 12 napja
MrGamingMike 12 napja
I think I won’t wake up for school tmr because of this
Marta Silva
Marta Silva 12 napja
Vim pelo jazzghost
Роман Лаврович
Если бы в "майнкрафт для нубов" ведующим был бомж.
Notus 13 napja
This is fake a wooden sword out of diamonds is wood
Aris Velasquez
Aris Velasquez 13 napja
The guy who has the top comment said “I lost brain cells watching this.”
I Need a Name 8429
Referring to Senzu?
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe 13 napja
Extreme normal :on
Ronnick Prajapati
AWM GAME 14 napja
cres sidalia
cres sidalia 14 napja
Insanity rates raise to 100%
omar ssi
omar ssi 15 napja
omar ssi
omar ssi 15 napja
Robin Daffern
Robin Daffern 15 napja
This is messed up how did he do this I want more:)
gaming with shafi
=) so good
Sean Jerson bagang
Hacker I hate it
Taym Lg
Taym Lg 16 napja
Wait was that suppose to make a diamond pickaxe?
Luisa Esmeralda Mayorga Jama
Opatre 18 napja
Finally proper MC
Owen Scarberry
Owen Scarberry 19 napja
But why why would you do that
Pars Oyun Peşinde
What block is this i guess Diamond ore= wood Obsdian=iron ore Egg=golden helmet Stone=obsdian all! Flint and steel=normal
Insane__Coder 20 napja
1:15 rip headphone users
Intellisense Institute of Technology
I idea you Log and planks diamond to Wooden pixkaxe Lol
Shallu Bhardwaj
Shallu Bhardwaj 23 napja
Oh my What? (-_-)
marcondes almeida
Anh Ngọc Vũ
Anh Ngọc Vũ 23 napja
Teirdalin 23 napja
Killed by T-Series.
Anna Steven
Anna Steven 23 napja
Flurpy Jack
Flurpy Jack 24 napja
dude how the heck can you cook obsidian in a note block
Flurpy Jack
Flurpy Jack 25 napja
what the heck!!
?! Wut Is Husky !?
wait what *HOW?!?!?*
Liam Jacob Onia
Liam Jacob Onia 25 napja
I watch this with jelly in youtube
snake GAMING
snake GAMING 25 napja
Fake mod lagaya he
Elena Rodriguez
Elena Rodriguez 25 napja
Phoenix sc like you
ASTRO 25 napja
This video is illegal I am astonished by the fact that the youtube community has allowed this video to be published I am shock ed by the fact that they did not put a age restriction warning before pressing play ...Now now listen there are alot of bad things in things in this world, coronavirus, president Trump, wearing your shoes in the bed, pouring milk before the cereal, setting a diamond play button on fire, and black air forces....But the one thing that upsets me the most is this video! The only reason why 16k people disliked the video is probably bc they are Traumatized of what they just saw....This video wasn't a portal to the neather... it was a portal to hell.(Just to let u guys know im just kidding k calm down)
Malkmohammed Alzubaidy
Jade Liam Cosino
Jelly watch this video try not to laugh or delete minecraft
JT - 03GS 868700 Barondale PS
Darwin James Pampuan
U hack Minecraft
DARK DEMON 29 napja
anyone say tseries at the end in chat?
Qasim Zia
Qasim Zia Hónapja
Eystreem hates u
Amal Dahmani
Amal Dahmani Hónapja
Adriana BM
Adriana BM Hónapja
redstone is egg
Review Jam Tangan Murah
what's the name of the music
Onemegabyte plays
Anybody know what the pinned comment said?
David Dorantes
David Dorantes Hónapja
Zerina Smailovic
Zzzzzzz my dreams😴
rayser Hónapja
very lava
Killian Dattilo
Killian Dattilo Hónapja
when you open minecraft directory and change the texture
Shattered Face_Music
Probably Alan Becker’s stick figure is in your PC.
مصطفى قيم
Frezzy Hónapja
we need this resource pack
Pan Śmieszek
Pan Śmieszek Hónapja
it hurts to watch
kalatopiases '
kalatopiases ' Hónapja
This video made me play minecraft
M Hónapja
Seems pretty normal to me
Karina Forero
Karina Forero Hónapja
this video doesn't make any sense.
Boxtrot 64
Boxtrot 64 Hónapja
Oh my god Everything is a cube
Darkfranci Hónapja
You are change the texture
Le Mage
Le Mage Hónapja
MERL IN Hónapja
Tf did I just watch, toaster bath here I come
Goldy 26
Goldy 26 Hónapja
Wait its all texture pack ? *Always has been*
Shadowed Shades
Shadowed Shades Hónapja
This reminds me of the Avm short Texture Packs, also realizing that this vid was after yours, so this might've been Alan Becker's Inspiration :)
Liam Mccormack
Liam Mccormack Hónapja
This is the most unholy thing y to o ever set foot on earth. I love it
Scorpivan169 Hónapja
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