Ultra Wide Kanye 

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he wide
Instrumental cover used: hurun.info/to/vide/n5yoqKmcyJ2jz9U.html
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Declan Cunningham
What did I expect
Bread 6 napja
The roblox update lookin kinda wide ngl
KingBoop 11 napja
Roblox characters be like:
tzz7playz 29 napja
Roblox lol
John Kramer Wide putin
He's so wide....... yo momma still fat
Kokichi Ouma💜
0:29 10 year old me when I get yelled at by my mum
vlog corner
vlog corner Hónapja
she copy wide putin xd
Optimisticpepe Hónapja
He will be wider than ZA WARUDO if he became president he would even be wider than Valentine (valentine and ZA WARUDO is a jojo reference idiot)
Wyoming88 2 hónapja
Mans lookin like my Roblox character I made in 2009
Lokio94 !
Lokio94 ! 2 hónapja
I love it 3
Red 2 hónapja
He looks like an iron golem
Dinu Cosmin
Dinu Cosmin 2 hónapja
You sus but I skip
Flainelystro 2 hónapja
i love to play roblox
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos 3 hónapja
The fact that this is a presidential candidate shows that the US has not learned anything from 2016
Christopher Gonzalez
this is underrated
Bence Orliczki
Bence Orliczki 3 hónapja
Introducing Kanye West rthro in roblox for only 999999999999999 robux
Atomictortoise01 3 hónapja
we need lyrical version
Liam Youngs O'Neil
Liam Youngs O'Neil 3 hónapja
Kanye Have The Moves Tho
Haiya 007
Haiya 007 3 hónapja
he do be lookin kinda T H I C C MBOI
New gen Santa Idk lol
WE searched for "soviet union anthem" and then this pops up
Erasyl Aibek
Erasyl Aibek 3 hónapja
I wanna see ultra wide kanye vs wide PUTIN that would be a great battle
Ye Boi
Ye Boi 3 hónapja
kanye west's less known brother kanye east
The Man Downstairs
The Man Downstairs 3 hónapja
this feels liek you took two roblox references and merged them into a singularity
Zidane Mayet
Zidane Mayet 3 hónapja
Trump or this
C6lter 3 hónapja
HW veteran
HW veteran 3 hónapja
Roblox noob when he kills someone xD
Zarif Tanvir
Zarif Tanvir 3 hónapja
Why he deaf
Dk 3 hónapja
Why Is he dressed as a Roblox character
Tragic 3 hónapja
*His wider than the universe*
CreeCube 3 hónapja
Me when i trade villagers their own wheat.
RacknPinion 3 hónapja
xxIluvyouguysxx 4 hónapja
The earth is wide
Владимир Путин
Не понял
GusLevoGus 4 hónapja
JuAmTh Jabrica
JuAmTh Jabrica 4 hónapja
M2# animation
M2# animation 4 hónapja
dame he thicc that is thicc ass boy
Lulgamer Is not funny
Hey you know what's the craziest part!? Is the Video actually exist!
Detect Zero
Detect Zero 4 hónapja
Kanye has a wide breakdown
TTTY89 4 hónapja
Roblox Kanye with wide Kanye on a wide screen T.V.
Daniel Toader
Daniel Toader 4 hónapja
He predicted wide meme
Dan BG
Dan BG 4 hónapja
Yooo *XxKanyeRobloxAndMore69YTxX* do be lookin thic- I mean *wide* today!
boi 4 hónapja
Roblox be like
Bob Da Knob
Bob Da Knob 4 hónapja
The Dark side is a path to many abilities, some consider to be WIDE
Zidane Mayet
Zidane Mayet 4 hónapja
Are you sure this man will be better than Trump?
XpertGam3r 4 hónapja
Ultra wide president?
Fornite der spielt lass ihn Mal
I love memes
Icez gameZ
Icez gameZ 4 hónapja
And im kanye east
kyotaina xo
kyotaina xo 4 hónapja
Motorway Gaming channel
Kanye = American Putin wrap. Putin = Poutine pot.
Dixie Productions
Dixie Productions 4 hónapja
First stage of meme: normal wide Kanye Second stage: extreme wide kanye
Yiğit Yaradanakul
Yiğit Yaradanakul 4 hónapja
Thats very proffessional, so not funny
Lars Doet
Lars Doet 4 hónapja
When kanye becomes president and asserts his dominance to putin
Animmenation FB
Animmenation FB 4 hónapja
You could rename the title "Wide EXTRA WIDE Kanye Walking"
mantis man
mantis man 4 hónapja
*w i d e*
Maven2 4 hónapja
Whos here after Kanye announced hes running for president
leila adam
leila adam 4 hónapja
This is way i don't go to weird side of fyingkitty's channel
Cris Camacho Mendez
Can you do a hyperega Wide kayne
Miiks 4 hónapja
me after voting for Kanye
BELL 4 hónapja
This is fucking roblox
Mohamed Azeem
Mohamed Azeem 4 hónapja
This here perfectly represents how the universe expands
Few Jooj
Few Jooj 4 hónapja
Roblox 😳
Alexander Corbett
Alexander Corbett 4 hónapja
When you get elected President of the United States:
hram cung
hram cung 4 hónapja
tomatoviking 4 hónapja
This aged like milk
swegboy jenkins
swegboy jenkins 4 hónapja
Harry Jones
Harry Jones 4 hónapja
He’s running for president
Guilherme Dias
Guilherme Dias 4 hónapja
Who's here after Kanye announced his candidacy?
ssshundo 4 hónapja
Непонел сука це наш мем
Barry Allen
Barry Allen 4 hónapja
Sounds like a meme about "Minecraft in real life" and "Wide Putin is coming That sounds high.
Barry Allen
Barry Allen 4 hónapja
Hmm, why not connect an old meme with "Broad Putin is coming?" Sounds high!
Daniel von Strangle
WIDE Kanye going into US Office in 2020 after astounding victory, consuming 100% of Dem and Rep votes
God [The micronation of 7OD]
This is so stupid it’s funny.
A Guy You Most Likely Dont Know
I'd be glad if this person was my president. Too bad i don't live in America.
RamSLade On Blitz
RamSLade On Blitz 4 hónapja
Shouldve made him extra thin
Reuben May
Reuben May 4 hónapja
Wash our shoulders in the blood
Aspire 4 hónapja
Pewdiepie doesnt like the wide memes 😔
GreekTree Empire
GreekTree Empire 4 hónapja
Our future president
Wili BOI
Wili BOI 4 hónapja
He’s trying to be the next wide world leader!
e.2 4 hónapja
Respect the president
Héctor Lorenzo
Héctor Lorenzo 4 hónapja
He is already wide, now the only thing he needs is to be president
Honourable Mention
Honourable Mention 4 hónapja
Miko Moodley
Miko Moodley 4 hónapja
Imagine watching this on ultra wide HD display
Miko Moodley
Miko Moodley 2 hónapja
@Teleporting fat guy whhyyyy bro?? lmao
Miko Moodley
Miko Moodley 2 hónapja
@Teleporting fat guy Bro whyyy lmao
Teleporting fat guy
I subscribed to you just because of this Imao
Reported Booch 69
Reported Booch 69 4 hónapja
And now he’s running for president
Willson Gaming
Willson Gaming 4 hónapja
fre fortnit hax noh cilkbait pormose @ fre domnloc relly nu jok all so plz lev liek om ma fre hax lol xd @ @ @
Andraw 4 hónapja
Thank you Kanye, very cool
Tarun Maharia
Tarun Maharia 4 hónapja
Kanye when he becomes the President of The United States of America
headshot743 4 hónapja
Aka the next President of the United States of America
Charles Dana
Charles Dana 4 hónapja
*Ultra wide POTUS intensifies*
Пажилой Бит
Путин ИДЕТ!
Normunds Liepa
Normunds Liepa 5 hónapja
But i still like this song
Groovy 5 hónapja
he predicted kanye west running for president
AVALON dzn 5 hónapja
AVALON dzn 5 hónapja
CHUMAWAVE 5 hónapja
Kanye when he wins the election
I-Divine-U 5 hónapja
Steve is pretty hot there
m vafaee
m vafaee 5 hónapja
You predicted the next president !
Jim Carré
Jim Carré 5 hónapja
Today he runs for president of the United States of America... This meme is powerful
Snowge 5 hónapja
he should be president
UltimateTiger1200 5 hónapja
Kanye after getting elected as the president of the United States.
Dávid Rahimi
Dávid Rahimi 5 hónapja
Is this some weird Roblox skin I missed out?
Roblox Child
Roblox Child 5 hónapja
*wide wide kanye*
K3nnyZ3r0 5 hónapja
It's Called Fashion Tiffany
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