Water Sheep gets Revenge on Pewdiepie 

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Water Sheep has had enough.
Big thanks to Dream for letting me use the Pewdiepie Minecraft world replica he created with his team: hurun.info
This meme was inspired by this other meme on Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/comments/cflpir/meanwhile_in_an_alternate_universe/
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PewDiePie Évvel
It was all fun and games until the norwegian flag pops out
Rabbid The Epic
Rabbid The Epic 17 napja
I'm Not Alone
I'm Not Alone 19 napja
@Jake Gordon ummmm....
Mediterranean Mapper
@ano nymous its water shepp it is jeb_ because it is the only way to make it rainbow and pewds wanted water sheep to be rainbow
jason h2009
jason h2009 Hónapja
HI PEWDS!!!!!!!!!!
Asgore And stuff
Asgore And stuff 2 hónapja
Imma max the replies
Roy Gina
Roy Gina 10 napja
No jeb is T series
Jennifer Ruivivar
How Dare you Hurt Sven!!!!!
Gaming series
Gaming series 24 napja
Me: Pewds you ready for the Watersheep's revenge 😓😓😓 Pewds: Don't worry. He can't revenge in Bro Land. Because he died😂😂👊👊
Gaming series
Gaming series 24 napja
Rage guy: No god!!! No god please no!!!!!!😱😱
Simon B
Simon B 26 napja
Proud of beeing a norwegian
Ysabel Balidio
Ysabel Balidio 27 napja
I call everyone t seacresse
Clemente Mariah
Clemente Mariah Hónapja
Watersheep will never forgive pewdiepie 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chadifox Omama
Chadifox Omama Hónapja
Ur bad is just a sheep let him free
Reynold Kaunang
Reynold Kaunang Hónapja
yasmin DMR
yasmin DMR Hónapja
You are Rude to water ship
Gaming series
Gaming series Hónapja
what sheep can ride a horse?
shadow blades YT
Pwediepie why u kill water sheep
Vince Neil
Vince Neil Hónapja
Oh wait... Jack Black is actually water sheep
InfiniteVlogz Hónapja
Poor Sven
Dean Cushway
Dean Cushway Hónapja
Sven didnt do anything i feel kinda bad for him
eli daiz fat boy francis eli matthias Aguilar
Your base is name ikea
Maxgaming Playz
Maxgaming Playz Hónapja
*_How dare you eat the offerings for joergen #1! you monster_*
Katie Paterson
Katie Paterson Hónapja
ребинка эвелинка
Koki Nuni
Koki Nuni 2 hónapja
Nothing: Really Nothing: I Like Stal 0:45
NplaysGamer PE
NplaysGamer PE 2 hónapja
Why pewdpie
William Lerche-Munro Vaular-Morton
I’m Norwegian
Rouge Squadron
Rouge Squadron 2 hónapja
How dare you I hate you I hate you and I and I like I like him why did you have to ruin his thing he worked so hard on
Dolores Rodriguez
Dolores Rodriguez 2 hónapja
Love you pews ^wuw^
Dolores Rodriguez
Dolores Rodriguez 2 hónapja
BOO BOO BOO!! This suks
Flynn Young
Flynn Young 2 hónapja
Water sheep is a bully
「galaxy Gacha fox 」
Finally water sheep got his revenge
ً 2 hónapja
Fire sheep
Rodrigo gonclçalves Dos santos
Você diz respeita a natureza
Rodrigo gonclçalves Dos santos
Você até virou meme
Rodrigo gonclçalves Dos santos
Você é maldoso
Rodrigo gonclçalves Dos santos
Você não pode fazer isso com
Rodrigo gonclçalves Dos santos
Você maltrata os
Jaxen World
Jaxen World 2 hónapja
Hype Beast
Hype Beast 2 hónapja
No no no pewdiepie will be angry
slendytubbies lll
slendytubbies lll 2 hónapja
NickPro 27
NickPro 27 2 hónapja
That's not water sheep he made sven stand witch means he's the owner
Mathew Allen
Mathew Allen 2 hónapja
This HUrunr is bad he burn down his house Disney biggest sheep died cuz
Seth Jupp
Seth Jupp 2 hónapja
Stop being mean to jab-because my sheepGG died from a stupid creeper and you don’t be mean to a sheep
Adam Batman
Adam Batman 2 hónapja
James Charles
James Charles 2 hónapja
Yo I’m James Charles.Not The Real One I Was Just Born With This Name.
Walter Lagman
Walter Lagman 3 hónapja
yassin 1234
yassin 1234 3 hónapja
No no no no🤬
Tyaftel_02 3 hónapja
Why Nordway?
Forest The shiny Celebi
1:15 this feels kinda weird bc I’m Norwegian...
pakorrix862 3 hónapja
Slushy Slurp
Slushy Slurp 3 hónapja
Wide Putin
Anakin Yt
Anakin Yt 3 hónapja
im norway lol
Null 0
Null 0 3 hónapja
Norwegian flag XD
Axesmed 3 hónapja
as a Norwegian, I approve
Johnritz Bicera
Johnritz Bicera 3 hónapja
I com bacc
minecraft villager
minecraft villager 3 hónapja
That map has to be coppied
SANESS OOF 3 hónapja
How to get the map?
Rinna Ahmad Rinna Ahmad
adody E
adody E 3 hónapja
This is fake because water sheep would never hurts sven, sven was his only friend.
ender wolf_unicorn 2012
Water sheep stap
이echang 3 hónapja
What the fug
Aina the lion
Aina the lion 3 hónapja
ARace863 3 hónapja
Happy bacons are here to stay !
Did this actually happen?
Happy bacons are here to stay !
Oh I guess everybody has pewdiepies world then
Milica Jovanović
Milica Jovanović 3 hónapja
No lol
Racquel Gana
Racquel Gana 3 hónapja
I hate this You
עופר שמואלי
uan gaming delrosario
Hey piedey your so mean to jeb
ARace863 3 hónapja
Beam 2 Bleam oh yeah me too big fan
Beam 2 Bleam
Beam 2 Bleam 3 hónapja
i sure do love "piedey"
tullydonut438 trezdziack
unrealistic sven liked watersheep
Nandin Korhonen
Nandin Korhonen 3 hónapja
Beam 2 Bleam
Beam 2 Bleam 3 hónapja
How do you not know Grandayy
cartoon cutie
cartoon cutie 3 hónapja
I play like that at the minecraft so my friends want to join me to play a minecraft.
Beam 2 Bleam
Beam 2 Bleam 3 hónapja
a minecraft?
Kyle Crowley
Kyle Crowley 3 hónapja
Kyle Crowley
Kyle Crowley 3 hónapja
ARace863 3 hónapja
Sir Zodiac idk
Sir Zodiac
Sir Zodiac 3 hónapja
Del Rex
Del Rex 3 hónapja
Leave the farmers and let them go
ARace863 3 hónapja
Its a game
keity dos santos
keity dos santos 3 hónapja
agora que eu tô vendo lá o canal daquela pessoa de matou a ovelha da água mas mesmo assim eu tô irritado com ele eu não sei até um slime ele matou sem piedade meu eu não entendo o que quee aí foi agora que eu vi que aqui ó não é o canal dele mas aqui ó quem é que liga o meu mas eu fazer comentários falando que eu odeio ele mas não verdadeiro eu tomo de fez esse vídeo tipo mostrando a morte do animal
Andrei miguel Merin
Oh no pewdiepie going to mad on this vid
ARace863 3 hónapja
Did u really not see pewds comment
Norwegian ball
Norwegian ball 3 hónapja
Norway :)
Andrei Tanasie
Andrei Tanasie 3 hónapja
Well PewDiePie deserved it
cheryl chan
cheryl chan 3 hónapja
Get rekt pewdiepie
Stipegamerpro 3 hónapja
lol norway
Thuiet Teronpi
Thuiet Teronpi 3 hónapja
I hate you but sven
Another Not Good Name
grandayy: *plays stal* schlatt: FUUUUUU
swedishkiddoyo 3 hónapja
0:50 Wait, Thats illegal
White Tiger
White Tiger 3 hónapja
Finland norwegian Sweden
жду чанки
жду чанки 3 hónapja
Why no justi... what
Awww so cute Teddy bear
Milica Jovanović
Milica Jovanović 3 hónapja
How can you hate on our only true God for just one video made for fun?! May Water Sheep have mercy on your soul
G Strike
G Strike 3 hónapja
So ur telling me that watersheep is from norway
greg maraan
greg maraan 3 hónapja
Such an idiot man
greg maraan
greg maraan 3 hónapja
Ok man thx
Beam 2 Bleam
Beam 2 Bleam 3 hónapja
lmao its a meme
mindcraft ninja
mindcraft ninja 3 hónapja
Your bad
Beam 2 Bleam
Beam 2 Bleam 3 hónapja
Your username is bad
guijuan zhong
guijuan zhong 3 hónapja
Sofia alexis Estrella
Is that true your in his server?
Håkon unboxing og litt gaming
Are u from norway
Lance Feliciano
Lance Feliciano 3 hónapja
dude so mean but idk it's funny?
Thuiet Teronpi
Thuiet Teronpi 3 hónapja
You are a BAD BOY 😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Nguyen Trannguyenthuy
yes water sheep has have revange!!!!
Niklas Vang
Niklas Vang 3 hónapja
Should've done danish flags and the LEGO tower
OdaPoda 3 hónapja
I'm norwiegan
rockie4541 rockie
rockie4541 rockie 3 hónapja
Norway gang!!!!
Sir_bosspuppy 4 hónapja
Agnieszka Tarasiewicz
Rehana Anjum
Rehana Anjum 4 hónapja
Any Indian Pewdipie's fan?
DSlasher123 Mobile
DSlasher123 Mobile 4 hónapja
everybody gangsta until water sheep raids Area 51
Carl Raneses
Carl Raneses 4 hónapja
Hay you you nid to get som love of the water ship somon make a song ho you dont love it and you name it jed_ to have run with it
Daryl Paul Guillermo
wait did he just build the map from pewdiepie?
Olaf 4 hónapja
I would've gone with the Danish flag, since historicaly they were Swedens main rival
Super Poke
Super Poke 4 hónapja
Minecraft VR is A NIGHTMARE!
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