What if it was all just a dream...? (Part 3) 

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back at it again
I made the music for these videos myself (it's a slightly different version each time)
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Pillow Man
Pillow Man 4 napja
This is what happens if twitter users took over the world
I like to upload
*When you take your schizophrenia pills, but the memes start disappearing.*
Michael C
Michael C 6 napja
This already feels a year old
Wan Muhammad Naim Bin Nasarudin
"hey google, search up flamingo" *"No results found, do you mean a real flamingo"* "What, ok alexa, play "Get Back Up" by jacksepticeye" *"I'm sorry, I don't understand"* "..."
r3aperGAMING 12 napja
What if it was all just pewds dream
?A Duck ??
?A Duck ?? 12 napja
Sajan Selvan
Sajan Selvan 18 napja
Aight imma go to FNAF Scott Cawthon: what's FNAF?
Soup Earth Society
He pulled out a spoon.... Not a comically large spoon...
Grug The caveman
This is what would’ve happened if thanos snapped twice
M1X41I 26 napja
It's happening! EU wipes memes from internet..
the xcrevis
the xcrevis 26 napja
Tf were did the last one go
Dolfinn Premium
Dolfinn Premium 27 napja
This makes me kinda sad, looking back on the memes and jokes throughout the years, the internet and humor have come so far, but we should never forget our roots.
Spock1777 28 napja
You can take my dignity but you can't take my Michael Rosen.
Gabriel P.
Gabriel P. 28 napja
I'd have actually loved dumbass tu cosita to be just a dream cause it wouldn've been forgotten much faster than it was.
fxnii 29 napja
I sent this to my friend and they asked if i was suicidal or lesbian-
Oof the golden fox
No... no it can’t be.... I must summon the almighty one..... *yeets chocolate ape into milk* HARAMBE, I SUMMON THE
399 Hónapja
This was really disturbing.
Mika Hónapja
no joker staircase 💔
AjaxAbraxas Hónapja
Rusel Argentum
Rusel Argentum Hónapja
What is the name of first meme?
Burrito Man
Burrito Man Hónapja
I don’t like this
Atticus Shadowmore
I feel such loss
Vseslav Kazakov
Vseslav Kazakov Hónapja
I demand part 4
kjhf1273 Hónapja
0:00 You Know I Had to Do It to Em / Twitter LuckyLuciano17k 0:04 My Name Is Jeff / 21 Jump Street 0:08 Annoying Orange 0:12 Comically Large Spoon 0:16 Green Alien dance 0:21 Thanos car 0:24 Smudge the cat / Woman yelling at cat 0:28 9 + 10 = 21 0:32 Hide the pain Harold 0:36 Trololo (Eduard Khil) 0:40 Michael Rosen 0:44 JOHN CENA
ENDER Jake Hónapja
I curious if someone remake this but it's all dream skin
United Toys1093
United Toys1093 Hónapja
What if Grandayy never existed? My day would not be grand
Insidious_93 Hónapja
au : the christian cucumber never said that in the future humor would be randomly generated
Jack Skellington
An untold dark side of Infinity War: half of the memes were snapped out too
Booty Giggler
Booty Giggler Hónapja
Guys I think people missed the meaning if the last one of John cena. The point is that you CAN see him now. Before it was all about John cena and how YOU COULDNT SEE HIM. But in this universe with no memes he is visible
Charkit Hónapja
0:22 when Thanos Car wasn't there... I felt that...
Optimisticpepe Hónapja
For some dumb reason this video makes me so sad now I’m grateful for people living, SOME OF THEM.
Scorpio KingTitan
Scorpio KingTitan 2 hónapja
Wait notice how every time Pewdiepie does meme review the meme dies. It was HIM
Kristhor 2 hónapja
It's a beautiful life, but with internet
Lisa Scott
Lisa Scott 2 hónapja
I don’t know what the second one is. Can someone please tell me what meme it is?
Sophia Marie Cruz
my name is jeff
Satmanjr3 2 hónapja
I like this because it almost like a mini meme test on the part no one pays attention to
Dani Butcher
Dani Butcher 2 hónapja
What is this about?
Scorpio KingTitan
Scorpio KingTitan 2 hónapja
This will happen if we don't stop Meme review
Adam Nebula
Adam Nebula 2 hónapja
No, please no!
2 hónapja
Whats the music
wavy is [redacted]
wavy is [redacted] 2 hónapja
he didn't do it to them the orange he had ice cream no dame tu cosita thanos truck never was allowed on the road the cat ate his food he said 19 the pain got to harold he never trolled everyone could see john cena
Zydranous 2 hónapja
Guys its okay no ones gone. grandayy is just giving us a test of guessing memes without their characters.
P Chen
P Chen 2 hónapja
0:01what is the meme?
Your Homie
Your Homie 2 hónapja
Dame was not going to cosita His name wasn’t Jeff The orange was not annoying And Michael has not rosen
luuϻe 2 hónapja
Is it concerning that i know all of these?
WindowsXPMapping1 2 hónapja
perfectly balanced... as all things should be...
that idiot
that idiot 2 hónapja
0:41 also me: sad
Got em • 10 years later
I'll make jokes out of these 0:00 You knew I couldn't do it to em.... 0:10 An orange
Arandom Gamer
Arandom Gamer 2 hónapja
I think the last one is that we can see him. Usually meme culture you can't see John Cena
Alvin Darmawan
Alvin Darmawan 2 hónapja
"Alexa, play Despacito" *silent* Amazon never existed
Forgotten Thing
Forgotten Thing 3 hónapja
Finally god damn that orange is gone..............orange?
Teethyz 3 hónapja
60 year old me in the future: My grandkid: hey grandpa who's grandayy? Me:let me tell you a story
troycalvin 3 hónapja
"Hey dude remember that tweet we couldn't stop laughing at? Something like Covfefe?" "No, the tweet said coffee." *REALIZATION KICKS IN*
zack5757 hamzah
zack5757 hamzah 3 hónapja
Wait, its all a dream Astronaut behind: what are you talking about?
mika ichi
mika ichi 3 hónapja
Where is Michael Rosen?
Julian Ellingson
Julian Ellingson 3 hónapja
that's got to be the best dream i've ever seen
Ke Man
Ke Man 3 hónapja
The definition of images you can hear
XxLLCxX 3 hónapja
if it was all just a dream then i will be the creator of lots of memes
Matthew Entwistle
Matthew Entwistle 3 hónapja
Dead Russian Liberal
kinda forces you to comprehend the futility of your casual internet lurking. If only for a minute, you can feel it inside your soul, see it inside your head, taste it in your mouth: the soul crushing, nightmare inducing scale of all the time of your life that you threw away. Well, at least for me.
David S
David S 3 hónapja
Part 4 pls
Captain Absol
Captain Absol 3 hónapja
There is something unsettling about these videos
DarkLord 3 hónapja
I go to commit suicide
Robert Perlaky
Robert Perlaky 3 hónapja
Me: This is so sad. Alexa, play "Despacito". Google: Did you mean: "Alex plays desprate"?
NBC Proud Peacock 2.0
if part 4 was made getting gnomed wouldn't exist
DEVICE 057 -Mncrft_yay
This just prove that i missed the half of my life
Creasta Lunga
Creasta Lunga 3 hónapja
Small spoon
Sub Scribble
Sub Scribble 3 hónapja
Dame to casita No no
Ezra Zufar
Ezra Zufar 3 hónapja
Bitch i'm literally crying right now
Quinn Kelly
Quinn Kelly 3 hónapja
This is so sad can we get 100 likes.
cheese is good
cheese is good 3 hónapja
Why am I crying.......
mtenorio32 3 hónapja
European Union: [ERROR 404, MEME NOT FOUND]
Farouq Ahmed
Farouq Ahmed 3 hónapja
Can u by any chance complete and release the music cuz it's really unique and i love it!
Avocado Skull
Avocado Skull 3 hónapja
The saddest shit I have ever seen
69,420 subs with some vids challenge
This isn’t no dream: It’s a nightmare.
Bendy Ink
Bendy Ink 3 hónapja
😢always has been
Heccin Paragon
Heccin Paragon 3 hónapja
nothing has made me feel more existential dread than this
peferek 3 hónapja
thomas rivera
thomas rivera 3 hónapja
Corona is here
duckmanold 123
duckmanold 123 3 hónapja
this is to sad i will DIE because of this
Miguel Muscat
Miguel Muscat 3 hónapja
I think I just FELT my childhood die.
dude nam
dude nam 3 hónapja
If it was a dream Then there is no memes
Squnny 3 hónapja
Meme page trying to be deep
Chaos 3 hónapja
"I can feel a piece of my soul fading..." Me,Today
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 3 hónapja
Sadly but somehow, im crying..
The Milo King
The Milo King 3 hónapja
Why is it just random unfamiliar pictures?
juicy water
juicy water 3 hónapja
Uncultured man
PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 3 hónapja
this makes me cry
Nerd kid
Nerd kid 3 hónapja
The last one made me laugh soo hard
Magni Dk
Magni Dk 3 hónapja
No @Dream Just kill all
Phunil 3 hónapja
What if it was all just a dream...?
Mr Bizzaros
Mr Bizzaros 3 hónapja
It sucks when you can't even identify some of the memes now Just me?
Cenabull 2 hónapja
Yeah I don't know 0:05 or 0:29
Kevin Jordan
Kevin Jordan 3 hónapja
What's the one at 0:04?
Стас Ожоганич
Lilia Checcone
Lilia Checcone 3 hónapja
I am genuinely sad
DerzeTT 3 hónapja
Girls: Boys don't know what depression feels like! Boys:
The chill big mac And his big advantages
1.he is home 2. he gone 3. wrong orange 4. wrong thing 5. he in his house 5. sorry he gone 6. the cat done eating 7.he went to school to know what 9 + 10 8.he done with is job 9.sorry he gone 10. i don't know this meme sorry i will edit this one later 11. john forgot to edit it
Debbie Hargreaves
Debbie Hargreaves 3 hónapja
What’s the second one?
ItzAham 3 hónapja
How do I wake up? I'm done with this false reality.
Chat Noir
Chat Noir 3 hónapja
My nama is Jeff
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