What if it was all just a dream...? 

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This is so sad
I made the music myself specifically for this vid lol
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Weirdo4Life 5 hónapja
This is so sad "Alexa play despacito" "I'm sorry but there is no song called despacito"
Then make one cuz you about to get 7B veiws!!1!
gweaver2006 Hónapja
MistyIsHere Hónapja
blitz the Protogen
True sadness
Weirdo4Life 2 hónapja
@MKirby Sweet yes yes it was
- R o u d s h a R k -
Minecraft game its a deram. . .
Fallin 4 napja
His power level is not over 9000
Luca Poggiali
Luca Poggiali 4 napja
actually i'd really like a full version of this song you made
AhmedGaming 5 napja
Me:Alexa Search PewDiePie Alexa: I'm sorry, But there is no results for PewDiePie
Wan Muhammad Naim Bin Nasarudin
"hey google, search "team fortress 2" " *"No results found"*
Derek Hughes
Derek Hughes 8 napja
Dreams that desire a physical existence are manifested into reality, that’s where art comes from
Epoch Divergence
Damn being able to recognize obscure rooms and locations through joint memory of meme alone is pretty powerful
John Denver
John Denver 10 napja
What was 0:13 and 0:16 and 0:30?
John Denver
John Denver 7 napja
@SOLTIN 177 M oh thanks I didn't remember the backround for good night girl and I heard the music but not seen the music video and I just needed a little reminder for style song
SOLTIN 177 M 7 napja
The first one is goodnight girl I will see you tomorrow and the Second one is crap cave and the Third on is hopea gunup style
Hussain Shawan
Hussain Shawan 12 napja
This video is a dream
GladOS 12 napja
Me checking in on Unus Annus be like:
RD 77
RD 77 14 napja
O, death
Heribrine 1
Heribrine 1 18 napja
When we all die, they won't know.
Gregrenade 19 napja
What is the dream was the friends that we made on the way
K9 Italian
K9 Italian 19 napja
Hey, why isn't my life on here
I like to upload
Shrek intro Ight imma head out Revenge Twomad Good night girl I'll see you tomorrow Crab rave Doge Scarce tree Gangnam style Big chungus The place where PewDiePie said the n word Hit or miss We are number one
noam hezroni
noam hezroni 20 napja
When is the full version of this song coming out????
Bruh_ 36o
Bruh_ 36o 21 napja
this is just sad
Tablet Genesis
Tablet Genesis 22 napja
0:47 *we are number ten,bye?*
ACA_V4ST 22 napja
I would not have cry more if they added a Titanfall part where they removed Tone, but would have cried if the Tone class was the only Titan Class.
ScoopDaPoop 22 napja
It was all a dream I used to read word up magazines
Apocalypse Girl Games Studios
So, what's the song name
Digging Deeper #01
What if the concept of memes...was just a dream? "Dude...what the hell is a meme?"
TSTB Studios
TSTB Studios 26 napja
Gangnam Style is dead
إبراهيم عسيري
If it was a dream The real life gonna be better inshallah🤲
Bro this is scary
Cyraniks 28 napja
This is a cinematic masterpiece
vahap kolgu
vahap kolgu Hónapja
the "ight imma head out" was not a dream he headed out early
ostrich salad
ostrich salad Hónapja
2020 is just a dream
A Hungarian dude
Wait it's all just a dream? Always has been.
Alexander Winn
Alexander Winn Hónapja
Spongebob already head out
Shq1pee Hónapja
You all are just a part of my dream you aren’t real you are just braincells of my Brain thinking of your name and Comments
Aree Hónapja
"This is so sad.. Alexa play despacito" "..." "Alexa?" "..." "I see... It was also a dream..."
Will Perez
Will Perez Hónapja
that last one hit a little too hard
TNI Visitor
TNI Visitor Hónapja
Friend: you can’t just recognize a meme by looking at a random picture. Me:
• itz ashley •
This made me cry
EXTV Hónapja
i believe shrek would still exist
Brundle_Fly_ Hónapja
bro some of those made me start to tear up and idk why
end3rguy Hónapja
We need this but with goodbye to a world as the song
DeathMane Hónapja
*We need Meme Theory to get on this case*
Vseslav Kazakov
Vseslav Kazakov Hónapja
thanks bro this music is awesome is there a longer version?
Creator9 Hónapja
Feels like just before the friendship speach
Cursed Hónapja
i've never been so sad in my entire life
Bigurethra Hónapja
The likes are sad Australians
The Narwhalman
The Narwhalman Hónapja
*Sleep rate drops 200%*
Kaush Kodithuwakku
The memes , no .....
Russel hobbs
Russel hobbs Hónapja
this shit don't feel.right
yacine BTC
yacine BTC Hónapja
0:24 ???
James Williams
James Williams Hónapja
I'm not crying, you are.
Sandvich Mann
Sandvich Mann Hónapja
This is honestly depressing.
Gavin Moss
Gavin Moss Hónapja
This feels less sad and more genuinely off-putting
SirMaxCat64 Hónapja
"time to play team fortress 2" *No results found for team fortress 2
Michael Roy
Michael Roy Hónapja
"Shocking and eerie photos of public places during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020, colorized)"
alex chapas
alex chapas 2 hónapja
at 0:12 there is a skeleton spooktober still lives on
a being full of bones
Your only good video
Kristhor 2 hónapja
After Thanos snap
Engie49 Roblox
Engie49 Roblox 2 hónapja
Don't do that, don't give me hope.
Scorpio KingTitan
Scorpio KingTitan 2 hónapja
This might happen if we don't stop Meme review
Nicolas Awad
Nicolas Awad 2 hónapja
Best Music i've heared in my life
Wąski Wąski
Wąski Wąski 2 hónapja
Me being schizophrenic:
Gage England
Gage England 2 hónapja
Plot-twist: We forgot to turn off peaceful mode.
Gage England 2
Gage England 2 2 hónapja
I guess the Memes aren't gone, they despawn in peaceful mode.
ToH4Life 2 hónapja
Shipwrecc 2 hónapja
I legit got chills and goosebumps from this
bonslee 2 hónapja
crab rave------is gone
wavy is [redacted]
wavy is [redacted] 2 hónapja
Shrek didn't read the book SpongeBob was already gone the creeper never existed the girl did not see him tomorrow the crabs didn't party doge died a long time ago scarce was never here he didn't have gangnum style bugs was trapped in the hole PewDiePie was never a youtuber he wasn't a villain number one
Neikro Dent
Neikro Dent 2 hónapja
Please release this music
JoeOnYT 2 hónapja
Oh no
WendigoWhispers 2 hónapja
The ones where it’s just something missing are the worst they aren’t funny just suck
hey alexa put the most subscribed youtube channel , Alexa: playing coco melon
Manuel Orellana
Manuel Orellana 2 hónapja
What's the song name? I wanna cry to it.
just a normal guy on the internet
What if idubbz was straight :(
Your Homie
Your Homie 2 hónapja
Somebody once told him the world was not exist No chungas They weren’t number 1
A Random Soviet From The Cold War
Alexa...turn off the Internet. _Sorry, there is no such thing known as the Internet._
A Random Soviet From The Cold War
0:45 this hurts.
luuϻe 2 hónapja
Is it concerning that i know all of these?
Kent Espinosa
Kent Espinosa 2 hónapja
No dream dream for me
Kent Espinosa
Kent Espinosa 2 hónapja
No dream dream for me :(
CJ BUSTA :D 2 hónapja
Always has been
Matt C
Matt C 2 hónapja
-Nobody once told me -Gary, stop talking with your imaginary friend -Creeper? No man, i'm in pacific mod -TwomadNESS -Just a desert island -NOGE -*i don't know this sorry* -Korean horses documentary by National Geographic -Bugs bunny is gone, death cause: Buried alive by an hunter -Neighbour -Hit the closed door and miss consciousness -We are number 0
Golden Gaming
Golden Gaming 2 hónapja
One big meteor and all these memes *will* be all a dream
UwU Louis
UwU Louis 2 hónapja
This made me cry
Who's Joe?
Who's Joe? 2 hónapja
Hey, finally you're awake What's that? 2020? WW3? Aussie Wildfires? Covid 19? Quarantine? What are talking about silly?
Kitari Author
Kitari Author 2 hónapja
Mr Storch
Mr Storch 2 hónapja
Can you please post the music separately? Amazing stuff.
Raushaan Seychell
Raushaan Seychell 2 hónapja
“Press F to pay respects” *But there is no F key*
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 2 hónapja
Hey guys, charles here
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 2 hónapja
*Proceed s to fly into you*
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 2 hónapja
I have the greatest plan
The American
The American 2 hónapja
If all of this a dream then I don't want to wake up
Shungite of stupidity
Listen to “The toys go winding down” by a band named primus. Makes it even more sad in a way
TheInfernoGamer 2 hónapja
Last one made me actually sad ngl
Teethyz 3 hónapja
What if grandayy isnt grandayy...
l Am a troll • 13 years ago
If dis is true we need to re-create these things!
xXJuuh WolfehzXx
xXJuuh WolfehzXx 3 hónapja
Dont you DARE put minecraft pictures in th- AAAAAADAMNYOU
Celia Craft
Celia Craft 3 hónapja
the Minecraft gods say Minecraft is a dream.
BenthyI -
BenthyI - 3 hónapja
What if it.....really was a dream
Teknoreaper 3 hónapja
this gives me an intense feeling of sadness for some reason.
Kendrick Chow
Kendrick Chow 3 hónapja
Seeing friends becoming familiar strangers... (sob)
bread_ noodles
bread_ noodles 3 hónapja
Crazy we’re all having the same dreams
MegaPixel 466
MegaPixel 466 3 hónapja
Hey Man,can i have some ice cream Only a spoonful *show’s a normal spoon* What if its all just a dream...
WindowStudios45 3 hónapja
Hold on this music is from a Roblox Egg Hunt, I Think
TheGronexGHT 3 hónapja
try not to cry: nope this video:😭
Wait... It's all cake?!
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